View Full Version : Gurren Lagann Mecha help

03-13-2008, 08:58 AM
biggest mecha and second biggest from the right.
from the anime series Gurren Lagann
$300 bucks to make it
wont make until it has appeared in the dubbed series once it comes to north america,so anywhere from a few months to like a year from now,idk.
i'd have like 5 months to make it i only go to cons during the months of august,october,december,febuary,march/april,june,july

so i have time inbetween them

ANYWHOOO, I own featherweight's mecha manual, i know how to work with wonderflex and resin and bondo,even plaster wraps and gesso.

I NEED ADVICE ON HOW TO MAKE DIFFERENT THINGS i know how to make just any tips or words of encouragement would help. things like how to make a working fake drill,like the names of the parts or a link to a tutorial or LED lighting tutorials,or animal voice box tutorials,even jaw moving tutorials would help, NOT the drill video on youtube,looks cool and gives a good idea but doesnt give you the names of what you need and where to get it,lol.

I want to deck this costume out when i make it,make it an 5 con useful costume,lol.

eventually i'm gunna make the galaxy sized one(spoiler) useing led sheeting for part of it,lol,i'm making the legs for normal boot wear

:bigtu: Hope i get great advice so i can make a great costume for all the fans to enjoy