View Full Version : kingdom hearts II cosplayers!!

03-16-2008, 02:25 AM
Hi guys! My friends and I are looking for Kingdom Hearts II Cosplayers (Preferably from the DC/Northern VA/Marlyand area! These areas would be preferable, because we'd like to practice the skit a couple of times before if possible) to partake in a skit at Otakon this year!

So far, we have a Roxas, Vexen, and Xigbar, but we are looking for other characters to meet up with and do a skit with for the convention!
If your interested, please lets us know, we'd really like to find an Axel, Demyx, Zexion and Marluxia, but all the other characters would be to great to have too!

Fair warning though, this skit MIGHT be yaoi related (not sure yet, but you never know!) so if you think you might want to participate, you've been warned! ^_^

Please leave a message here or PM me or Wondy if interested!
The skit will probably be prerecorded so if you can't sing or w/e you have no worries!!! hahaha :rockon:

(sorry x-re-posting)