View Full Version : A Tales of gathering, perhaps?

03-19-2008, 05:27 PM
Uh, hi guys! :D I noticed that there were quite a few Tales series cosplayers attending this convention, but there were no plans for a gathering. I'm fairly inexperienced with these, but I thought that we should set one up. :]

Uhm, right, so I guess you could post who you're going as, and when you're available so that we can work out a time that's convenient for everyone. :D

Also, I've never been to Sakura Con (or Washington for that matter...) so if you could suggest a convenient meeting place, that'd be wonderful!

So... I'll be going as Dist the Rose from Abyss. :> Hooray for inviting abuse! As for what time works for me... I'll be at the con all day Friday and Saturday. :>

So, uhm, you're turn!