View Full Version : AMV schedule (Real one, websites wrong)

06-16-2003, 11:36 PM
I got a e-mail telling us the true times/locations, the website one is messed up and only some events on it and at the wrong times ._.

AMV panel 12PM Friday (Stevens Creek) I believe someone requested this one so its not the main amv panel.
AMV IRON CHEF 7PM Friday This sounds cool, I hope it is :o
AMV Panel 11AM Saturday (Spider Room 205)
AMV Finals 1PM Saturday
AMV Semi-Finals 9AM Sunday It's on the last day kind of a leftovers from finals I guess.

Ones not named otherwise are in the main events room.
Finals is gonna run across the cosplay.com meeting at 2pm come for the first part if you got time :D