View Full Version : Resident Evil at Animazement '08

04-06-2008, 10:58 AM
"Kept you waiting, huh?"

Well, now that I know for certain that I am going to Animazement this year, I figured I would take it upon myself to start a Resident Evil cosplay thread for this year's con. I'll be bringing the usual Leon cosplays, but I'll also have RE4 Wesker as well. I may even have something new, but that depends mostly on Capcom at this point.

So, will there be anyone else who plans on cosplaying RE at AZ (hey, that rhymes)? I'd like to get a photoshoot together if we can. There have been pretty decent sized amounts of RE cosplayers during years past, and hopefully this year will be no different.

DDR Faery Spice
04-06-2008, 05:51 PM
I'll be bringing my RE1 Jill Valentine. Dunno when I'm going to wear it, though. Possibly Friday. And I know if my friend goes, he'll be bringing RE1 Wesker. =]

04-13-2008, 02:23 PM
Hiya Archeleon!
Glad you are coming back! I'll be there that weekend as well and I'm not sure what i'm bringing but I could include a RE costume. Well see!