View Full Version : Looking For Somebody

06-18-2003, 10:49 AM
Hi! Um, I know its like 2 months after the con. today but if anybody still actually reads this stuff, I'm looking for this girl I met in the line to meet Kirby Morrow. She was asian and was a crazy Kirby Morrow fangirl like me ^______^; We were waiting in line for two hours with these people from Inuyasha and myself (Freya from Chobits) and my friend Kelley (Kaoru from Kenshin) and stuff and she was really nice...I don't have a picture of her or anything, but if you know who the hell I'm talking about can somebody tell me o.o; She was like 18 (or something around there) and drove all the way from NY just to meet Kirby ^^;