View Full Version : Metal Gear Solid cosplay pics!

Lisa Honeychan
06-19-2003, 04:03 AM
Hey all!!

I just uploaded 3 pics of mine and Brian's MGS cosplay, done back in 1999 at the San Diego Comic Con. Both our costumes have since been redone a -few- times, but I wanted to let you all take a look at what version 1.0 looked like. I'll try and photoshop newer pics taken in Japan while we were there in 2001 for TGS.

Have fun!:p

06-20-2003, 06:17 PM

Very, very nice. I know very well that Solid Snake is a tough one to pull off, and it looks like this 'Brian' did so with a goodly amount of pluck. I commend you both. Nicely done.

But I'm still going to outdo you. ^_~


Lisa Honeychan
06-21-2003, 02:26 PM
;) Cool, competition is good for some people! We'll be looking forward to your pics, but don't you think that instead of "outdoing" us, you might wanna just worry about making yourself happy with the costume?? ;) It's just an idea.

I've still gotta finish working on pics from our Japan trip, and Brian's updated Snake that he wore there. We've seen about 4 different Japanese cosplayers at the TGS as Snake too, and we have their pictures.

Solid Snake...Depending on what version your going for, he's soooo damn detailed, AND HARD..You know some of his accessories on his grey suit are parts that we found in Japan?? They don't make stuff the same here in the States, not exactally.

What version of Snake you going for? The more, the merrier, I say! You going to wear it to any con???:D

11-24-2003, 10:09 PM
hi lisa! This is my first time on the site and your page was the first i looked at! You made AWESOME costumes, especially the Dirty Pair and Cutey Honey! The one that im biased toward the most though, is meryl (im a metal gear fan) - that turned out great. Actually the reason i came across your page was i looking for some hints on how to make a snake costume. Your friend brians snake looks amazing. The problems im having is finding out how to make the vest. His looks very accurate, i think i even saw the muscle definetions. Do you know what he used to make it? Is he a registered member here? Any help would be much appreciated!! Thanks!