View Full Version : J-Rock Photo Shoot (also can be found at the baaf forums)

06-19-2003, 10:28 AM
Here is a repeat of my original forum post at the official baaf site.

Here's the gig. I was wondering if any of the J-rocker cosplayers wanted to do a HUGE group photo. I know I mentioned this in some of the other threads, but here is the official thread.

Here's what I'm looking for.

1) Who you are
2) If you want to be in it
3) What day would be best for you
4) What time would be best

In regards to 3 and 4, I am looking at a Friday meet. I'm not sure if this is true or not, but My friend Mika-chan (last I heard), siad he was only going J-rock on Friday... so that's why I'm looking at a Friday meet.

I personally wont be in costume all day, but I will change for the photo shoot, and you lucky people get to see a sneek preview! ... okkaayy.. *shameless selfpromoter*

Okay, so that's what I'm looking for. Please respond ASAP ( I know there is not a diffinitive schedule posted yet for the events at the con).

Thank you very much! AND BRING CAMRA FILM!

P.S. Mana Wars? Anyone? I know me and Kojira are planning on doing soo... but does anyone want to plan it and set it up? LIke rules, or what all the Mana's have to do? I was thinking noodle (the water kind, like for swimming) duels! lol. All the Mana's can hit eachother with NOODLES! WHOOT!

P.S.S If you have already posted a reply to this photo shoot at the baaf forums.... please do not respond again here.

I will keep this thread updated with new info as it arises. Right now, our timing is on Friday sometime n the after noon.