View Full Version : Two different Cosplays, Need skits for both

06-19-2003, 06:33 PM
First off, there is a Zelda one with my friend, Heather, being Malon, whereas I am going to be Zelda. We might have two people being different Links, maybe there will be a third... Have fun.

Next, there is a little Ropponmatsu and Excel cosplay. I am little Ropponmatsu, and my bishounen is crossplaying as Excel. Have fun people!

06-20-2003, 01:20 AM
For the Zelda one... well, there's always the argument on who the fans want Link to be with "Zelda or Malon"... they could be arguing on why they should have him "I'm the princess... you've saved me for over a decade, why stop now?!" "Stick with me and you'll be set for milk and chicken round-ups for life!" And then, after the argue for standard Link, the other two guys could come as Zora and Goron Link and then they could just settle for them and you could make a sad little Navi and the original green Link has to settle for her.

For the Excel Saga... you can always joke about how irritating Ropponmatsu can get... asking Excel stupid things about her mission... you can set Excel on some sort of con-related mission for Illpalatzo. Audiences often like con-related jokes... if this is for a larger con, she could be sent out to search for the stench coming from the elevators when nasty otaku guys gather at convention areas or something. ^^;;

06-20-2003, 01:53 AM
Yeah, Ropponmatsu is so hyper she can even annoy EXCEL. I dunno, just brainstorming; maybe something about what she's on to be that hyper? ^^' Maybe Excel decides to try out Ilpalazzo's trap door on Ropponmatsu when she finally pushes her to the edge? (Might be a challege to stage, but you could have that part happen offstage.) Since Ilpalazzo sends Excel on fact-finding missions a few times, maybe she's investigating the anime phenomenon in the states (since that IS an ep, even!), and has to bring Ropponmatsu along as cover (escorting the cute little cosplayer type around). Ropponmatsu definitely seems like the con-going type lol.

06-20-2003, 08:27 AM
If you are going to have multiple Links, you could do the classic angel/devil on my shoulder thing. (Link/Dark Link) And Malon could just be standing there looking at Link weird and asking why he is talking to the empty air on his shoulders. That would be funny. Good Link would say to go for Malon because Malon truely loves him. Dark Link would say to go for Zelda because she is rich and has a nice body. hehe. ::thumbsup::