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05-02-2008, 02:51 AM
I'm surprised there's not a feedback thread yet, so I'm going to go ahead and start one. ;)

I want to start by saying that I really enjoyed myself at the con! This was my second CostumeCon (the first being 23 in Utah), so I sorta knew what to expect. I'm glad I managed not being dragged into staffing the con, as I didn't spend a lot of time out of my room/not sewing anyway. I did manage to hit two panels (the Gusts' special effects panel, and the EL wire panel), and they were both full of interesting, helpful information that has set the gears turning for future projects.

I do wish the programming had been better-scheduled.. I know there were issues with availability etc., but it seemed like many of the panels in each track were scheduled opposite each other, where it might have made more sense to devote a room to a track and have the panels run back-to-back all day. (I also would have preferred fewer programming rooms with longer hours, so there weren't as many conflicting panels.) I'm also surprised that CC26 didn't seem to actively solicit panelists on the C.com forums; a lot of anime folks showed up, and were disappointed by the lack of panels of interest to them. Yes, I know, if you want programming, volunteer. ;) I will say, though, that the amount of programming felt on par with the amount at CC23.. but with three times the attendance, I was hoping there would be at least twice the programming to coincide. I hope CC27 takes note and tries to pull in the anime crowd both as members and panelists, what with the Otakon population so close. :)

I enjoyed myself during the various competitions/masquerades, etc. Participating in the SF&F, I was (as many others were) frustrated with the tech rehearsals. Yes, things run behind and I understand that, but it would have been nice to have someone letting the contestants know what was going on. I sat around for 45 minutes before I got a 3-entries-until-your-turn warning; if I'd been told "Oh, there are (ten, fifteen, twenty) entries ahead of you in line" when I arrived, I'd have returned to my room to continue prepping for the show and returned when it was closer to my turn. As it was, I had to rush to make it to green room in time, and I know I wasn't the most impacted of the entrants. That said, once in the green room things went smoothly. My den mom was fabulous, nice, and terribly helpful, especially as I was sharing a ninja with a friend in another den. I would have preferred fewer entries lining up backstage (two dens' worth seemed a bit overkill, and there were several people whose costumes were not conducive to standing for long periods).

But really, all that said, I think the show ran reasonably well.. heck, it was smoother than the last one I ran, so I can't throw stones! :)

I also really enjoyed watching the Historical masq, and from where I was sitting, didn't see any glaring issues as an audience member. I appreciated the band that played during the judging; I just felt bad that so many people abandoned the room! The Future Fashion Show was great fun to watch. I wish, though, that the designers who won awards had had their designs mentioned.. eg, Dawn McKechnie won multiple awards for her designs, but I don't know which designs those were (without referring to the folio after the fact).

Um... yes! Overall, I had a really pleasant con. I wish I'd been able to see all the exhibits, but I guess that's what happens when you're sewing up until the last minute! ;) I'm looking forward to the possibility of CC27 in Baltimore next year - just need to make an excuse to travel across the country! XD!

05-02-2008, 02:53 AM
Let me also add that I know this year's staff won't be running CC27; however, I know many staff multiple cons and would probably appreciate feedback for future events, and I hope we can help future CostumeCon crews can make the con the best it can be, especially with regards to anime fandom!

(Much love for CC! ^^)

05-02-2008, 03:06 AM
I was my first costume con but I had a great time!

Negatives first... I agree that there were too many panels at the same time. I wished I could have gone to more panels but I was forced to pick just a few.... BUT I LOVED THE ONES I DID ATTEND! The panel on Carnival was great, I can't remember the name but with the three mad scientists of costume building on Friday was amazing. And my favorite was the Historical to Fantesy panel on Sunday.

Second negative was the sci fi masq issues already mentioned. I was so bummed I missed the 16th century supermodel panel I really wanted to see because my tec time was so far behind. Workmanship judging was surprisingly brief.. however I think there were quite a few late to the greenroom because of the late tec rehersals so that most likely explains it.

HOWEVER... Green Room was WONDERFUL. I wish all cons had green rooms like CC26. It made the whole masq experience ten times better having chairs to sit in. And water.. and munchies. And chairs to sit in... I really can't say how great it was to sit down after masqs where I stood in line for hours.

Also being surrounded by so many amazing costumes and costumers was AWSOME! And I mean the true meaning of the word as in awe inspiring. My head is bursting with ideals and costumes I want to make that my bank account is already sobbing.

In summary the atmosphere was generally great. People were incredibly friendly and more the willing to discuss construction points. I highly reccomend Costume Con to anyone who loves building or just looking at costumes!

05-02-2008, 10:39 AM
I need to sit down and write my con report sometime soon, but the short version is that I had a total blast. Was completely burned-out by Monday of course, but that'll happen when you're up partying 'til 3 every night and then getting up at 8:30 every morning to get dressed for a 10am panel (damn costumes that take so long to get into...).

It was interesting comparing CC26 to last year in Missouri (my first CC) since last year was much smaller, cosier and more intimate. This year was full of people I'd never met before, and the seas of ladies in lovely historical costumes (I nicknamed it HoopCon or BustleCon) were a surprise as I'm not used to such a large historical costume contingent. I loved oogling all the lovely costumes, of course, and it renewed my burning need for a poofy bustle. XD

The best part was getting to meet and chat with people whose work I've admired online, such as Judy of HCC, Hoshikage, Karisu-sama and many others. It's always awesome to find people with whom you can really click and connect.

My only regret is not having the time/energy to hit the hot tub! Oh, and the previously-mentioned issue of having multiple awesome panels scheduled across from one another. On Monday I wanted to do the EL wire, Masq Post-Mortem AND lace-making demo simultaneously. :P

05-02-2008, 05:33 PM
I waited 14 years for the this to come, and I had a ball. Accept for my party room, which seems to have gone almost totally unnoticed. I even got new cosplay videos to show.

I took down ten rolls of film, and used all but three frames. And I must admit, it was a nice change of venue not to take pictures of 30 Naruto and/or Bleach characters. (No offense.) But I know I didn't get half the pictures I needed... or wanted.

You may have seen me dragging Crow around. And I would have had costumes for him and Servo, but Servo is lost in storage. Maybe next time if CA gets the bid in 2011..?

Anyway, I wish I could have done more. And the hotel has some problems with billing, water and other things. But, I've stayed there before, so its a good, large place.

I definitely don't want another 14 years to go by. I'll be almost 60 by then...

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05-02-2008, 09:31 PM
re programming...

Would you believe I've also had the complaint that there should have been more shorter panels to cover more topics?

We were fighting major Life and email problems, and couldn't reach everyone we wanted to get involved in programming, and then had trouble getting those folks to give us schedule preferences (remember, some of them were involved in the shows, or could only be there for one day). That's what led to the "chunky" programming, I'm afraid. It wasn't the program we envisioned, either, but it was well attended and I'd rather have folks complain that there were items in conflict than that there wasn't enough programming.

(Oh, and these classes were significantly longer and in fewer rooms than past years!)

05-03-2008, 12:03 AM
No prob, I had the same issue last year - I take it as just par for the course at a CC. It's impossible to cater to everybody's personal interests, anyways.

05-03-2008, 11:28 PM
re programming...

Would you believe I've also had the complaint that there should have been more shorter panels to cover more topics?

Honestly I thought that the length of the four panels I attened where just right. I just hated the block of x number of panels at the same time. Every panel I attended was full of info right up till the end... and most of them ran over much to the amazement of the moderators... Then again the obcessed can never get enough :) The length being in half hour blocks at some cons just left the panel being nothing but a blitz trying to get everything in. While CC26 left me wanting more but still it was a relaxed atmosphere with time for questions and useful digression by the presenters.

give me Quality over quanity any day of the week.

05-05-2008, 03:26 PM
So I had been waiting over 10 years to go to this con, I found out about it just before college and never had the time or the money, usually one or the other but never both. I had a blast; I met so many people who were amazing, and probably some of the friendliest people ever as well. So... all technical issues aside, thank you CC26 staff, for an amazing weekend.

Ok now I want to nitpick...
The panel set up was terrible, I always had at least 2 to 4 panels I wanted to be in at the same time, and the pocket program guide had no map in it which was fine after the first frantic search for the rooms but still it was upsetting. That being said, cudo's for not scheduling other programming during the masquerades! I have been to so many cons that do that and it sucks, yes I know it makes sense for this particular con but still.

I am already planning for next year... and I will arrive in costume... :D