View Full Version : Set Sail for the Grand Line of '08 One Piece Cosplayers of Nan Desu Kan!!! Arr, Mate!

Brandon A
05-09-2008, 09:26 PM
We need Cosplayers of One Piece to join us for a photoshoot. It'll be on Saturday of the convention at 12:00pm (or whatever works for everyone). Here's who we need (the ones with names have the position filled):

Monkey D. Luffy: Brandon A
Roronoa Zoro: GreenBushido (ndk forums)
Nami: (none)
Usopp: (none)
Sanji: (none)
Tony Tony Chopper: (none, or we could get a plushie)
Nico Robin: (none)
Franky: (none)

And we could also do the Villains too:

Lady Alvida: (none)
Axe Hand Morgan: (none)
Buggy the Clown: (none)
Captain Kuro: (none)
Don Kreig: (none)
Saw-Tooth Arlong: (none)
Captain Smoker: (none)
King Wapol: (none)
Mr. 2: (none)
Mr. 0 Sir Crocodile: (none)

So far that's who I have. Please reply A.S.A.P. to get your position.