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Eurobeat King
06-24-2003, 12:03 AM
Hey everyone attending Anime Expo 2003:

For those of you who went to Fanime last weekend, or previous cons in 2003 that I attended, you know about the "table-gatherings" that I like to have on Friday & Saturday nights at cons, and since Anime Central, the Admin has gotten in on the fun, and the two of us have teamed up to call it our "unofficial cosplay.com table-gathering" since the Admin, Aeris, and myself host it, and other site-mods like Yuna, Rosiel, and Studmaster show up to hang out for a little while. Other members like Ziggy, Moo, ErikaDoor, Kell, TifaLockheart, Sari, and others show up to hang out. It's unofficial because we don't have a pre-set table arrangement like artists do at the artist-alley, and we have to find a prime location during the con, somewhere where a lot of people pass-by, like a hotel lobby or hallway, get a table and some chairs, and at least 2 wall-outlets.

At the gathering, Admin sets up his photo albums of pics that he takes from previous cons, or even the current con that he's attending and printed the pics in his hotel room. (Those who went to A-kon and Fanime saw those amazing 13X19 inch pictures he printed, and those were just some examples of the pics he takes for the site.. sugoi ne? ;)

As for me.. hehe I will have my speakers & subwoofer system set up, and playing the music to attract people and just create a nice mood and fun atmosphere. What kind of music? Naturally, I will be playing Super Eurobeat music, (tunes used in Initial D and ParaPara), along with Anime ParaPara, Eurobeat "Ayuro" Ayumi Hamazaki, and other misc. like Freestyle and "Techno Kingdom Hearts".. I'm going to be bringing a lot of music, and I hope you like them.

Mainly at the gathering though, I'll be having my chibi-printer set up, and will be printing up cosplayer pictures that I took during the day. Usually I like to print pics of the best looking costumes that I took pics of during the day and also those of my close cosplayer friends. :) I will be stocking up on printer ink & paper, so stop by the table gathering to see if I got your picture or not during the day. (AX will be hectic, and I will do my best to get pics of cosplayers during each day, so I apologize if I don't get every single one. To be sure I get at least pic of your costume, if you see me wandering around in costume or regular clothes, don't hesitate to come up to me, either say "hi, Eurobeat King! I'm ______ on cosplay.com" and after a little chat, I will take your picture or 2 if you let me..

I will be happy to print out one pic of your costume at the table-gathering, as long as I was able to get one. There are a few things that you should know about me printing pics during the con:

1. I cannot charge $$ for pictures, but I will accept donations and have a tip-jar there for any generous donations. :D Anything you can give will be appreciated. NOTE: The only time I will charge is if you print out a picture on my printer with your own memory card. YESH, I CAN print out a picture that you took with your camera on my printer. All you have to do is bring your memory card (any type of card since the printer can read all types), find the picture (file #) and I'll print it out for you. I do charge a little for the piece of paper and ink used. But just think that you'll have a nice, printed copy of one of your favorite AX moments on a 4X6 inch photo. (please note that the quality you set on the camera will determine how the picture will look when it's printed. If you set the camera on a lower resolution and it comes out a little grainy, it'll look that way when I print it. So set it to the MAX for best quality.)

2. I can only print out a picture of a cosplayer if YOU are the cosplayer that I got a picture of. Please don't ask me to print out a picture of your friend if he/she isn't there. The cosplayer in the picture has to be present. I don't sell pics of cosplayers w/o asking them first (some online sites do!) and getting permission to do so first helps. I've had fanboys asking for prints of cosplayers in sexy costumes, and it's not pretty to see them beg.. So please respect this.

3. Since A-cen, Admin and I have met up at cons and I've been using the highest resolution on my camera, which means that I can fill up a 128mb card really quickly.. So what I do is when I meet up with him after a day, I give him my full memory cards, he u/l them onto his computer, and then returns the cards, in which I delete ALL the pics on the card to have all the space available for the next day. So since my printer reads the pictures off of the files that are currently on the card, anything that I deleted from the day before CANNOT be printed again. Example: If I took a picture of you on AX Thursday, and you come to the table-gathering on AX Friday night, hoping to get a picture from the night before, I won't be able to print it. The maximum # of pics I can take before u/l them onto Admin's computer is about 700+/-, (that's about 4 memory cards at highest resolution filled) so that should be the most I get in one day (although at AX I might fill up all 4 cards by 3pm Thursday..)

Thanks for reading this little info regarding the gathering, and picture printing. NOW FOR THE MAIN INFO:

DATE: We plan to have it on all 3 nights at AX (TH, FR, SAT night) and am not sure yet if Wednesday night (pre-AX night) we will have a gathering, but I'll be taking pics of any cosplayers I see on Wed. night, and the pics should be on my memory cards and carry on to Thursday night.

TIME: The gathering usually starts in the evening, anytime after 9 or 10pm, after we've all had a chance to get some food into our system. It'll go until Admin & Aeris get tired, sometimes either 2 or 3am, and when they pack up shop, I usually follow. It depends on how busy the day was for us, or if we've got our 2nd (or 3rd or 4th) wind in us or not.. hehe

PLACE: The locale for the cosplay.com table-gathering has yet TBD, since there are 2 big hotels to hang out this year, as well as the convention center. But since Admin is staying at the HILTON, while I'm at the Marriott, we might try for the Hilton. Usually it'll be on the 2nd floor, somwhere away from the areas having other loud events such as concerts, dances, or karaoke, since I like to respect those events and don't want to disrupt them while they're happening. Wed. night Admin and I will be scouting at the location of both hotels, and if you ask me sometime on Thursday, I should have an answer for you.

Thanks for listening. Admin will reply soon with his own comments and add-ons, and please feel-free to comment, or say that you will be there, or just stop on by to check out pictures, and say hello. :) We look forward to seeing you there, and our cameras will be ready & waiting for all those wonderful costumes you put all your time & effort into, so good luck!!

Anime Expo 2003 is coming.. Are you ready??

06-24-2003, 10:46 PM
I would love to come by and say hi! I'm not staying at a hotel, but hopefully I can come up to visit! It was great meeting you, Aeris and Admin at Akon. Can't wait to meet more people! Thanks for putting something like this together! ^_^

06-24-2003, 10:57 PM
Same as above.. sounds fun!! Katchoo you commuting all days?

06-24-2003, 11:07 PM
Yeah. Are you commuting also? Would you like or do you need a ride? I may only be able to go Thursday-Sat. hehe We are finally going to meet. YAY!!

Dark Vision
06-24-2003, 11:55 PM

Its so awesome looking through Admin's folder of pics. sugoi!!!!!

Also Al is the kewlest, especially when he starts para para dancing.

06-25-2003, 12:07 AM
hey Al, let me know if you wanna do a photoshoot at expo again this year like we did by the pool last year. :)

Yggdrasil Pie
06-25-2003, 12:19 AM
Hehe, since I kinda missed you guys last year, I'm really hoping to see you guys this year. ^^ Soo...I hope I find you guys...XD

06-25-2003, 12:44 AM
Sounds awesome! Props to all who set this up, especially Admin and Eurobeat King. n__n

06-25-2003, 12:47 AM
Originally posted by Dark Vision
Al is the kewlest, especially when he starts para para dancing.
Yeah thats till I start dancing next to him =p

Do it at the Hilton =p because i am too lazy to walk to another hotel.

Eurobeat King
06-25-2003, 01:23 AM
Katchoo: It was good seeing you at A-kon, even though I didn't recognize it was you, and we didn't formally introduce ourselves to each other. But at AX, just come and find me, and we'll do the intros then. :)

Dark Vision: Nahhhh, I'm not into ParaPara that much anymore, like doing the routines and/or playing it in the arcade. I just like the music. Hence why I'm nicknamed the "Eurobeat King" and not the "ParaPara King" I just like the music, thas all.. ;) I pale in comparison to Maryssa's awesome skills. heehee

Miyu: I look forward to taking more pics of your costumes, so just keep an eye out for me and vice-versa, and when you're free we'll do a photoshoot. As for pool-side pics, which hotel will you be staying at? Will you also be attending the DOAX gathering at the Hilton poolside on Saturday? I'll be there as DOAX Jann Lee. :D

I remember the layout more for the Hilton, and have only stepped foot inside the Marriott once back in 1998-1999, so we might go for the table-gathering there, and usually Admin & Aeris get tired before I do, so I'll make it easier on them and have the gathering closer to where they are.

06-25-2003, 03:42 AM
Definitely gotta be the Hilton, that's where we're all staying anyway I think. :)

For anyone interested in prints of pics that I take of you at conventions, the table we have is a good opportunity to see the quality you'd be getting. Sometime next month I will begin selling prints to anyone who wants them (provided you're the person in the picture of course) and you'll probably want to see what you'd be getting before considering buying a print, as I can only *describe* the quality online.

06-25-2003, 09:44 AM
Oh that'd be perfect if it's at the Hilton XD. So I vote for the Hilton as well ^_^. I'm really excited about this! Should be a lot of fun.

Dark Vision
06-25-2003, 01:03 PM
Hey Al, Dance boy dance!!!


06-25-2003, 01:16 PM
*puts her vote in for the Hilton*

I'll show up if I'm not busy.

Ne...is there any way to request larger prints from admin?

As far as getting ready for AX...almost there. Just need to find out the situation with the room. (anyone care for back ups?)

06-25-2003, 01:26 PM
yeah, i'm staying at the hilton too, so that will be good. ^_^ room party friday night, ya'll.

i might go to the poolside to observe the DOAX thing, but i doubt i'll be in costume. (as much as i'm sure ya'll would LOVE to see me in a bikini :D rofl) i won't be doing much costuming at ALL this con....because well...

....this will be the last con i cosplay at. ever. :) if you read my LJ and are on my friends' list you already know that.

For the photoshoot Al, i'll bring a couple of outfits and we can pick which one would be best.

anyways i'll be checking in thursday at 3 pm. see ya'll then. <3

06-25-2003, 02:28 PM
Maybe I'm just missing a crucial sentence in this thread or maybe I'm just a ditz, but is the table going to be IN the Hilton or is this a seperate thing you are talking about?

If not, do you have any idea where the table will be? I'm dense.. lol!

Anyway, it'll be awesome to meet you guys and not be so shy like I was at the picnic. @_@

06-25-2003, 08:47 PM
dude is everyone at the hilton o_O lol I don't mind going from the marriott but geez :D
I'll be around for sure no matter where it is!

Eurobeat King
06-25-2003, 11:52 PM
As Admin said, the cosplay.com table-gatherings will be inside the HILTON hotel during the AX nights. I don't mind lugging my printer & speaker-system from the Marriott to the Hilton, since the walking distance between hotels is minimal. If I recall the Hilton back in 1999, the 2nd floor (one up from the lobby floor) is a good place to have a hang-out as there are some chairs, tables, and meibi sofas located around the area. I also remember on the 3rd floor there was a lounge area that had some chairs & tables, but that floor may be too far up and away from where most of the people will be wandering. So the 2nd floor is the preferred choice. Where exactly will the set-up be will be random, so just look for me, Admin, & Aeris, or else, just listen for the Eurobeat music. :skidude2:

Nadeshiko: Isn't 13X19 big enough for you? :thumbsup:

Kell: I'm staying at the Marriott, so you can always accompany me from hotel to hotel, and if you stay all the way to the end of the gathering, I will need someone to help me carry my equipment with me back to the room, since I'll be half-asleep at 2-3am, i think. -_-

Miyu: I'll see if I can make it to your party, even if just to say hello. Else, just come down to the table-gathering and kidnap me.. ;) Well, if this is your last con that you're cosplaying, go out with a bang! Any ideas which days of AX you'll be wearing those outfits?

We might have a pre-con gathering Wednesday night, July 2nd, so that Admin can showcase the pictures he's taken at recent cons, and me as well (a few pics from previous cons that I printed as example pics) If we do have it, please show up and wear your costumes so I can get pics, and possibly get the AX cosplay pics off to an early start. :)

06-25-2003, 11:53 PM
Coolness. thankies. ^_^

<~ Blonde

06-26-2003, 02:51 AM
Originally posted by Nadeshiko

Ne...is there any way to request larger prints from admin?

I'm doing 8x10, 11x17 and 13x19 for now, which is pretty big. If I knew I'd sell at least 100 poster-sized prints in the next 3-6 months, I'd get a printer able to do up to 20x30 lol . . .

I could probably arrange something with a printing place to do larger prints for people who want them, but it can get very pricey when you go that route.

Anyway, I'll keep it in mind for when we start allowing people to buy prints, at least I'll look into a 3rd party printer as an option or something.

06-26-2003, 03:38 AM
In a word, wow... I've just got word that I have every day off I need for AX, so I'll be tagging along with my ususal peeps. I'll bring my "clone-of-Eurobeat-King's-printer" for some pics from my camera, other than that, I'm all set.

I took about 59 pictures at Fanime 2003 (at 1200 x 1600 resolution) and barely filled up half of a 64 mb card, and I've got 2 32 mb cards and a panoramic-capable 8mb in reserve. I don't take as many pics as Admin or Eurobeat King, but I'm ready for anything. All I have is my idiot-proof 2.0 megapixel camera, but it's better than nothing.

Looking forward to more fun in a week from now.

06-28-2003, 08:06 PM
I show up for funness on the 2nd floor!

06-28-2003, 08:37 PM
Admin, is there anyways I can get a 4x6? That is the size I use in my offline photo album (of my personal costumes... you can bet that I'll stop by and I'd like a couple prints if at all possible. I'd also glady donate acouple buck to the cause.

You can bet I'll show up for some chatting since I'm at the hilton.


Eurobeat King
06-28-2003, 11:53 PM
Mink: Look forward to seeing you there! :D

Joe: Admin doesn't usually print out the 4X6's, that's my size. ;) If you see the photo albums that he brings to the cons, he has 8X11's, and the whopper 13X19's of cosplayers that he takes during the con, as well as those from previous cons. As for my pics, although I'll be taking a minimum of 1300+ pics at AX, I'm certainly NOT going to be bringing 1300 pieces of paper and ink to print out pics. :thumbsup: So if I take a few pics of your costume, printing out 1-2 would be OK, and I'd accept your donation. Just don't ask me to print out too many since there might be other people there who want their pics printed and depending on how much stamina I'll have after each day will determine how long each night we have the gathering for. :)

06-29-2003, 01:15 AM
I'm stayin' at the cheap-@$$ hotel down the street (parkside inn) but I should have no problem goin' to this... Can't wait to see you all!!! I should be there on friday!!! I'll be a CHOCOBO!!!^_^
(or a team rocket member, depending on when karaoke is...heheheh...*sweat drop*) I definately have to so eurobeat king dance! >^O^>

y(=v=)y ~wark wark wark...i'ma chocobo...wark.

06-29-2003, 03:33 AM
So wait, where is this party going to be at? ^_^ I'll show up after 11 pm, when the formal ball is over... ^_^

06-29-2003, 04:57 AM
sweet same hotel im in.

Man everyone is in the HIlton.... what to wear what to wear.

06-29-2003, 01:46 PM
Can I get to the second floor /this room if I am not staying at the hotel?

Can't wait to see you guys. ^_^

Eurobeat King
06-29-2003, 03:53 PM
katchoo: The 2nd floor of the Hilton is where registration & pre-reg. is taking place. Since a lot of people will be there on Wed., the table-gathering will be on that floor, but not too close to the reg. area. I remember the 2nd floor being square-shaped, with the escalators going up and down in the middle, and there were some tables, chairs, & sofas located on that level. It's within that area that I'll be scoping out on Wed. for a good location to do the gathering. I'm staying at the Marriott, but it looks like I'll be spending a lot of time inside the Hilton. Hopefully I'll remember at 3am each night that i have to go BACK to the Marriott where I'm sleeping.. :thumbsup:

06-29-2003, 05:09 PM
Eurobeat: haha I can always drive you back, cause I'm driving home each day (friday and saturday). (as of now). So just let me know.

Cool glad to hear I won't have a problem trying to get to the area. ^_^

Eurobeat King
06-29-2003, 07:35 PM
katchoo: The Marriott is right across from the Hilton, so once i step outside the Hilton, it's about a 20-30 second walk from hotel to hotel (i think, since i haven't actually timed the walk yet..)

06-30-2003, 01:57 AM
I'm there man! And I'll be taking pictures

06-30-2003, 10:50 AM
Cosplay.com table @ Fanime