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Vanessa Ayukawa
06-24-2003, 01:07 AM
Hi. I'm a newbie at cosplay, but not with Jpop and want to do my favorite idol, proud. (I hope!) By cosplaying her for next year's fanime.


Since I'm new, how much do you think it would cost to make this outfit and what are the best places to shop for materals. Money isn't a matter, since I'm a Nurse. But any idea, on how much the outfit would cost, where is the best place to buy and how long do you think it would take to make? Plus would it be wise to cosplay as someone I doubt, anyone as heard of. (But, by next year, she will be known as a member of MoMusume..)

any help. is greatly appercaited.

Aya Mizu
06-24-2003, 01:39 AM
Well, considering how much she's got for the petticoats and because they're distinctively different colors, it varies based on whether you want to make the petticoats yourself or if you want to dye something pre-made. I would estimate anywhere from $50-100 because you need a lot of yards in tulle for the petticoat underneath the stretch vinyl dress. The stretch vinyl shouldn't be too much if you can get a great deal in the downtown L.A. fabric district. Otherwise, I recommend your local fabric and crafts stores.

Also, if you want to get a wig, there are several good online stores you can try and there should be a good variety for you to choose from since it's such a popular and natural hairstyle. I personally like WowWigs.com and I know a few people who buy from WitchWigs.com

Hope that helped :)

06-24-2003, 11:31 AM
Hi hi!

I was going to say about $100 or more, but I don't have a fabric district I go to. The tulle would be cheap enough, but it will be time consuming making a petticoat that big and full because of all the gathering. You wouldn't have to dye the tulle because it comes in tons of colours ^_^ Have you sewn before? Stretch vinyl is not the easiest to work with. Take your time or you'll be cursing yourself from the beginning. If you start collecting things now you'll have plenty of time before the next Fanime.

As for an "unknown idol" - A lot of people still do not know who Morning Musume or H!P are, but we still do it because we love them and the costumes. That outfit will get a lot of attention I think so you'll probably have people coming up and asking where it is from so you'll have plenty of opportunities to educate people on the goodness of H!P :D

Just a second opinion ^__^

~Yumi Aiko

06-25-2003, 12:52 AM
Boogie Woogie CHU CHU. I think that's one of Mikitty's best songs. She has about 4 variations of that dress. And depending on which one you choose, the cost will be different. The PV one you show up there would probably be the most expensive (but only by a difference of about $20-30). My favorite version of her BT03 costume is her blue and purple confetti dot live performance one. I don't have scans of that one handy but I can obtain some and show you if you are interested in that version. Confetti dot is alot more catchy and costume-y, and usually cheaper than stretch vinyl. Also, it is more common, and you'll have an easier time finding it at standard fabric stores. Also if you go with confetti dot, you will stand out so much that even if people don't know who Mikitty is, they will know it's a costume and take pictures, etc.

Luckily, she's wearing sneakers for that dress so you should probably have those available.

Feathers for her hat shouldn't run over $5, and are available at Michaels and the like (but also at the Fashion Dist).

If you don't have a haircut like Mikitty, and you'd like to be accurate, a good wig in the shoulder length range in her brown hair color could run $50-100 on it's own (assuming it's a natural looking quality wig)

Time wise, as a nurse, you are probably quite busy. So depending on how much free time you have, it may take months. I'm estimating about 20-30 hours for a moderate experienced seamstress. I don't make dresses (for obvious reasons :P) but that's my best guess.

Ryukku X
06-25-2003, 05:13 PM
My two-cents, I think the best showy-BT03 costume would have to be the Hey Hey Hey + Utaban live performances. I can take some screencaps if you want...but the blue one...I don't like any of the other ones. Lol. ^.^

06-27-2003, 12:47 AM
If it were me, i would buy an all-blue or all-yellow petticoat, instead of doing the seperate colors ^^ If you're looking to buy a petticoat, there's a seller on ebay that sells awesome big fluffy petticoats that might be perfect for Miki ^^ I forgot her seller ID, but search on ebay for cosplay petticoat -- she always has lots of petticoats for sale, and can special order you one in blue i'm sure :)