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05-25-2008, 11:57 PM
Post your shout-outs/dedications to anyone from the convention you want!

All the people who took my Hunny-senpai photos: You guys nearly killed me with the mass mobbing for photos, but I enjoyed it!

The OrgXIII Panel Goers: Thank you for showing up to support us at 9am! We had an amazing time and I hope no one got seriously hurt by Xigbar's candy throwing.

OrgXIII Panel Volunteers: I love you all so much, you have no idea.

Everyone I met during AZ: Just so many of you so....HI! xD

Haruhi: You were so cool to hang out with Friday! <3

Tamaki/Vegeta: I have never had so much fun hanging out with someone. All the hilarious photos you took with my bunny gear...Marry me? xD

Everyone else I hung out with: Sorry I forgot you or didn't mention you, but you all rocked.

05-26-2008, 12:01 AM
HAHA!! I remember you!! XD

Your outfit totally threw me when I saw you XD (I was hanging out with Vegeta and the other Cloud in the lobby and saw you in the Hunny-beach outfit and was like wait..wut? ZOMG! Oh..wait..) O.O

05-26-2008, 12:02 AM
Because I'm lazy, I copied and pasted my response from the thread like this on the AZ forum. xD

To Morangias and friend - thanks for being such awesome roomies!

To my fellow Risembool Rangers - you guys rock! Red Dawn!

To the staff: Props to ya'll for putting up with such a large crowd!

To anyone else: Hope you had fun, won't see you next year, unfortunately. I'm sorry I'm bad with names/faces and can't really remember who I met this year!!!

To the Sheraton Hotel: You've been a great venue! Gonna miss you. ;-;

05-26-2008, 12:35 AM
HAHA!! I remember you!! XD

Your outfit totally threw me when I saw you XD (I was hanging out with Vegeta and the other Cloud in the lobby and saw you in the Hunny-beach outfit and was like wait..wut? ZOMG! Oh..wait..) O.O

o___o;; Were you one of the dozen people that thought I was topless? xD

05-26-2008, 12:57 AM
>w< I feel so loved! Of course I'll marry you, lol!

I had an awesome time there specially Twister and Hide n Seek! The other Cloud was really thrown off too when you were wearing the blue lei.

05-26-2008, 03:15 AM
I'd shout out to the beby Link but I don't think he can read yet. :(

So my shout out goes to:
Stephie for her AWSOME Jo and Rider costumes and for helping me out so much making mine

The guy dressed like a giant panda! Thanks for the hug! you made my day!

The people I waited in line with forever that kept me occupied and not bored

Mando for dancing with me at the rave so I wouldn't feel all alone

And all of the people who mobbed me for a photo (I was Kanu from Ikki Tousen) Thanks guys you made me feel so special.

05-26-2008, 08:24 AM
I'd like to shoutout to...

My Amazing Friends: I love you guys. ;w; I really do. Come visit me during the year so I don't have to wait another one to see you!!

The Guests: Thanks for attending. :3 I hope you had a great stay!! It was fun meeting and getting all of your autographs. \o/

The Con Staff: Great job guys. ^^ We were a large crowd this year. :x

The Sheraton: It's been a great 4 years (how long I've attended AZ). I'm really going to miss you and all the memories. ;^;

Everyone Else: You all are like extended family to me. XD I had fun being glomped/glomping and getting pictures taken/taking pictures. ^o^ I'm going to miss you all!!

05-26-2008, 08:51 AM
I have to give some love to...

The woman in staff and her Grandson who helped me out when I was having a cardiac issue.

Cosplay chess folk who helped my teddybomber and my day by being awesome at our panel.

Cosplay audience who like our Speed Racer skit

Yaoi panel folk who are made of win

My AZ friends it's like a family reunion every year. Only less fighting and more crack.

05-26-2008, 09:47 AM
I'd shout out to the beby Link but I don't think he can read yet. :(

aww thank you! I'll tell her for you, she was exhausted by the end of the con.

Shara-chan: YAAAAY I'm so glad we got to dance together! The vids will be on Youtube later
anko cosplayer (sorry I'm bad with names): You were so nice to me and my friends, thank you so much ^^
Ulquiorra and Luppi (with the bucket and shovel):I swear I was going to follow you guys around the con the whole time, you were so nice, but I really didn't want to annoy you any more than I already had XP
The Espada group: I wish I could have hung out with you more, but my helmet wouldnt stay on >_< you guys were awesome.
My friends: hooray for another great year at AZ!!!!
anyone I forgot (I made a lot of friends this year ^^) Thanks for putting up with my extreme hyperness and being nice even though I was annoying xP

05-26-2008, 09:54 AM
Squeeky!!! I apologized for the candy!! How was I to know it was open?! I poured it straight from a bag into another! T-T

And a big thanks for everyone who remember Sexy Kyuubi this year! <3

05-26-2008, 11:56 AM
Wow...so many people to thank that it would take a full week to get everyone. All I have to say is thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making AZ 2008 a memorable one! I wouldn't have had a better weekend without you. ^^

05-26-2008, 12:10 PM
My Animazement friends that were willing to do the skit with me. The people that took my picture when I cosplayed as Vincent and Risa. The people who talked to me when I was waiting in the line for the craftsmanship contest.

05-26-2008, 12:28 PM
The awesome people at the Yaoi panel, and the guys that were making out for money, my new friend that was a Konan Cosplayer, Itachi and Random Chuunin, All those people who took pictures of me as Wolfram from Kyou Kara Maou, and my friends for being there with me for my first con. :>

05-26-2008, 12:30 PM
Jessi-chan : My sister your Trinity Blood was amazing you looked great. I was happy you were able to join the bad girls group you kicked ass.Had fun vogueing with you at the rave getting our dance on.

Regena- Your bad girls and Fran was the best hands down. Had a blast with you and thanks for letting me stay in your room.We must rave again real soon.

Mocha- Im so glad you were able to get ya Rikku done it was freakin cute.Thanks for letting me take pictures with you as Lenne.

Aleathia- Your Sakura Wars was amazing, had fun at the rave with you and enjoying your crazyness

Squally- Thanks for letting me wear your Lenne girl, you are the best and you know that. Had fun at the rave and corrupting your innocence hehe

Dre"Purple flames"- Sorry you didnt have your costume ready but you know we love your Yun cosplay your known for it. Gotta spend more time together next yr.

GreatSg-Your chocolate covered oreo things omg!! You gotta make me some seriously I will pay you for it haha.It was great seeing you and your tom servo was adorable in cosplay hehe.

StarAngel- Its always a pleasure seeing you,your cooking mama rocked and im mad you have the hello kitty skilet I must take i mean borrow it from you.

Fory-San: It was great to finally meet the man behind the plushy hehe. You are so kind hearted and loving. It was a blast hanging out with you at the rave and just talking.We must do it again real soon.

Quicksilver- You still owe me a dance girl lol I didnt forget. It was great seeing you love.

Anarchy Avenger- You did a amazing job on the costumes love. I always love seeing you in the gravi.

Raigekijin- Your cirucci was amazing and thanks for letting me use your prop since I didnt have one "big hug"

To the guys across the hall who knew about the david blane cheeze it joke love you man!! Hope to see you again

To everyone else I forgot sorry and I hope to see everyone next yr.

05-26-2008, 01:31 PM
I loved the whole convention! My first AZ and I can tell it's gonna be hard to top.

FFrikku: You're such a great dancer, it was a lot of fun on Saturday!
Everyone that asked for pictures of us as the twins on Friday: We really appreciated, it was the first time that happened! You made it a great experience!
All the OHSHC cosplayers on Friday:The Ouran train was really awesome and the photoshoot was a blast, hope to see you all again!
All the Risembool Rangers:I didn't get to meet any of you all, but I really hope I get to next time. I thought I'd have a heart attack when I met Vic on Sunday. ^_^ Red Dawn!!!!!!!
Every attendee:Hope you all had as much fun as I did! ^_^

05-26-2008, 01:39 PM
Here's my shoutouts!

Staff: Thanks for making AZ such an amazing first convention experience! I had a lot of fun!
All the people I hugged: That certainly was a lot of fun! 56 free hugs given away by one Ritsuka!
Everyone else: AZ certainly was amazing this year, and I hope it'll be even better in the future!

05-26-2008, 01:43 PM
Terumi - It was fabulous hanging out with you all weekend and I'm glad we finally got OS pics together that weren't blurry!

KawaiiEdea - It was great to meet you! You were really awesome and super nice, I hope we can hang out at Otakon a lot!

The Rayearth peeps in the Hall line - Thank you for your great advise on armor making and it was awesome to be able to make some friends during the what, 5 hours we stood in line? lol Please PM me or something so we can keep in touch!

The Zashiki Warashi in the Hall line - Your costume looked great and you were super cute! I hope you weren't too nervous talking in front of the audience -- please PM me too so we can keep in touch!

Amy and James - You were fabulous roommates all weekend - we'll see you at otakon! protect your badges!

05-26-2008, 03:11 PM
I've got quite a few people to thank this time around. >=3

Everyone from Club Nashi: Thanks for telling me about Animazement in the first place, guys. =D I love you all, and if I don't see you any time this summer, see you in the fall. <3

Konata-chan, Kurogane, and Tira: My wonderful SOS Love Love Brigade! You guys did an awesome job in the skit, and I can't wait to invade AWA with you!

To all of the Haruhi and SOS Brigade cosplayers: You guys made my weekend. <3 Even if I missed the first photoshoot.

Katu Fushigi, MintFlavoredGum, and Commanderb2: My impromptu brigade! Sunday was a ton of fun! >w< I can't wait to see what pictures you guys got!

Katu Fushigi: You were such an AWESOME Kyon! Congratulations again on the awards!

Lelouch: SO much fun to hang out with. Nyah!

To everyone who fangirled/fanboyed over my half-finished Yoko costume: Thank you SOOOO much. I'm totally motivated to finish it after I finish Starboobs. =D

To everyone who was in the late night impromptu beach ball game in the hotel lobby: That was the most fun I've ever had at 5 in the morning. AWESOME.

05-26-2008, 06:22 PM
To everyone who saw our Narutard cosplay: we weren't serious and I'm wondering why everyone thought so. xDDDD Did you NOT see our Orochimaru? Either way, I hope you were greatly annoyed by our BELIEVE IT yelling and our marching. =w= Thx.

To the Cosplay Skit audience: *u* Thanks for rofling at the Speed skit, even if I wasn't the one doing silly things, still made my heart glad. UwU

To the people who liked Trucy: THANKS A LOT. O_O;;; I'm so pleased by the reaction I got, especially the random hugs <33

To Reiband: ;w; Thank you for all the presents! I'm eating some of the gum right now. *u*!!!!!

To the BxL audience: Thanks for sticking around and playing games with us! 8D I hope you liked Spencer's brand of entertainment. >w>;

To my friends: I freakin' love you guys, no matter where I went in the con, there was someone to say hi to and I'm so happy I know all of you. Made this AZ very memorable, as always, and let's have more fun at future AZs. ;w;!

To everyone else: I hope you enjoyed AZ as much as I did. *w* AND THANK YOU FOR BEING GOOD SPORTS! even when some of my friends and I were being the annoying Narutard crew. xD

05-26-2008, 06:44 PM
I wanna make a Shout out tooo~

That Hypocritical Misa; YOU dear, seriously made the reg. line not boring. I loved you sooo much. *HANDS INTERNET COOKIES* :DD

The girl that accompinied the Misa; Never got your name. D: But you were awesome. Wifey Roxas totally misses Axel. ;_; I swear he wants him back now! :3 You kept me company for awhile, and that's cool.

Reborn cosplayer; THE ONE WHO THREW MICKEY AT ME. xD I love you so much, did you know? You directed me basically the many times we crossed paths there. I got a sweet picture of you too! Thanks for all your help, if you ever see this. :]

Lambo Cosplayer; You were cute. Sorry for running into you. ;_; My dad kinda startled me. Then I was on a coffee high! FORGIVE MEEEE. The girl with the Rainbow/ Pink bag. Yeah, that was me. -Kisses at your feet.-

05-26-2008, 08:00 PM
Here's my shoutouts (I was the Vampire Knight cosplayer with the short black hair, I got confused for being Yuuki but hey XD)
Kacey- Lunch was awesome! You're such a sweetheart <3 I'm so sorry we didn't hang out that much over the weekend, we both were SUPER busy. I loved your costumes, they were SO amazing!! I enjoyed our conversations too, we both has so much to say in such little time. <3 ya girl!
Britanny- Your cosplays were awesome! I'm sorry you didn't make the shoot, I almost missed/forgot about it myself. I thought I scared you when I hugged you randomly in the hall XD but you were really nice!! I enjoyed hanging out with you so much, you were very nice! You sister was, too <3 hugs to both of you!
Stephie- Your costumes were so great! Too bad I missed your Rider one :( You were an awesome person to hang out with! I loved your Jo, and the big red scarf of d00m! =3
Sean/catboy- Your cosplay was really cute! You were a fun person to hang out with too! I loved your bell collar XD
Sarah- Thanks for helping me with the jrocker stuff! Those cds were a BIT expensive, but I got cool posters/magazines (even if you bought the GazettE magazine before me XD) I loved my birthday gift SO much!! Thanks! *hug*
Shelly- Cosplaying was fun this year! Sorry about your braces, I'm glad you got them fixed up on Saturday.
Vince- I'm glad to have helped your cosplay! next year, I'll try doing a Jrock cosplay with you. And I was just as glad to find your badge as you were. (how did it get there, anyways?!)
Chris- Our photos came out SO well! They're so amazing, thank you so much for your time and for working with us. You were cool and fun to hang out with, our photos look spectacular and I look forward to working with you again!
Mat Hatter- HAPPY UNBIRTHDAY!!! Thanks for staying in character =3 you were awesome.
To everyone else I may have forgotten, thanks for making my weekend so amazing!!

05-26-2008, 08:31 PM
Everyone that did my dance! :3

Was fun showing up as my dj alias' original costume!

Was a shame the staff made the rave end at 3:30... me and amaya could've handled playing till 6!

05-26-2008, 09:48 PM
Zipchan : love you! lol. You unfinished Yoko totally made my con because, well, i love Yoko and you were the only one!

my roomies/best friends : hentaigirl82, mocha, aleathia burns, & regena...I MISS YOU GUYS SO MUCH! You're all my best friends and it was so great to hang out all those days together.
Dee, thanks for the late night talk on Thurs. & the rave on Fri.!
Regena, thanks for letting me stay over your place Thurs...rushing back to see SYTYCD...
Mocha, i'm so glad you made it because it's not a con without all of us there! And your Rikku was just way too cute.
Aleathia, you're awesome. Your costumes are awesome. and you're damn hilarious. ^_^

squally/dori : ROOM WITH US NEXT YEAR! sorry if i seemed emo as times, but we really hung out a lot this weekend. lol

purple flames : when you finally saw me, i was bored. Try to catch me during my happy moments next time. lol!!!

fory-san : yay! so nice to meet you. Hopefully i'll get to see you at other cons as well.

sybunny : your Rozalin made me fangirl so hard. I loved it & you're such a sweet person. Congrats on your award.

to our TB group! : it was fun with our small gathering on the lawn. loved taking pics with you all

to anyone that loved my Esther : thanks. It made me feel really really GREAT. I'm just sad some of you caught me after my broken rosary and i couldnt wear it any longer...

to the Aizen who stopped me in Halibel : do you have an account here? Thanks for stopping me. You're the only person that stopped me in that costume that i only wore for a short while. Idk, it just meant so much to me. And you were a great Aizen.

I hope everyone had a wonderful con. I will surely miss the Sheraton next year, but i'm happy we'll be getting more space! Its the attendees that make the con, not the place...so lets hopefully have an awesome AZ in 2009 as well! Cant wait. This was absolutely my fav AZ and CON to date

Heartless Grits
05-26-2008, 11:16 PM
I wanna give a shout out to the guys who did the Air Gear group cosplay and posed in pictures with us in our Jet Grind Radio cosplay group.

I wanna also give a shout out to anyone who came up to us to take photos ....

And a shout out to the Staff at AZ as well.

05-26-2008, 11:30 PM
oh yay!

jessi-chan ! You are the sweetest person imaginable! Awesome Trinity Blood cosplay, beautiful work! I enjoyed talking to you, hope to see you again next year!

meevah and BxL you guys are awesome! i thought it was great how you include everyone around you in all the fun; just how animazement should be ^.^

Oh and shout out to the awesome Renji (http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1533750/), didn't catch your name, but your costume was amazingly perfect!! Thanks for the picture!

I also wanted to say hi to the ladies I was in line with waiting for the craftmanship shiznaws. you guys were so nice and so much fun to talk to! loves!!!, and congrats to the Gwendolyn from Odin Sphere! I told you it was perfect!!!

Can't wait for next year!

Bur Loire
05-26-2008, 11:40 PM
I LOVE YOU ALL---however, you know the Storm Riders are still waaaaay better than some ole Rudies any day! XD

That was a fantastic meetup for real~ =D

All the Air Gear cosplayers, who put up with my absentmindedness (ahaha, I was late to my own AG meetup by two hours XD), I love you all so much. AG FOREVER! =D


And The Godot who's visor lit up. YOU ARE GODLY. =D

Heartless Grits
05-27-2008, 12:21 AM
I LOVE YOU ALL---however, you know the Storm Riders are still waaaaay better than some ole Rudies any day! XD

That was a fantastic meetup for real~ =D

All the Air Gear cosplayers, who put up with my absentmindedness (ahaha, I was late to my own AG meetup by two hours XD), I love you all so much. AG FOREVER! =D


And The Godot who's visor lit up. YOU ARE GODLY. =D

You guys were awesome too. But keep this in mind, If it weren't for us Rudies, Air Gear would've never got it's inspiration. lol. We are so gonna have to do another photoshoot like that again. Do you have a myspace?

Some Guy
05-27-2008, 12:33 AM
The staff- Like always you guys did an awesome job and allowed us to have a safe and fun con.

Shadi- Like always it was cool to see you at artist alley, THANKS FOR THE SLAYER IT'S AWESOME!!! Hope to see you at more cons.

Everyone else I know- Glad to see all of you, your guys cosplays were kick ass and hope to see you at future cons.

I LOVE YOU ALL---however, you know the Storm Riders are still waaaaay better than some ole Rudies any day! XD

Respect your elders! Without us there would be no Air Gear! lol.
Respect to the Air Gear cosplayers too.

Bur Loire
05-27-2008, 01:17 AM
You guys were awesome too. But keep this in mind, If it weren't for us Rudies, Air Gear would've never got it's inspiration. lol. We are so gonna have to do another photoshoot like that again. Do you have a myspace?

You keep on dreamin'! XD

I have a link to my myspace in my sig~ =D

05-27-2008, 07:40 AM
I'd like to shout out to all the guys in the game room. : D You all were awesome. You all answered all of my questions and entertained me. Next year I'm bringing a super sized bowl of popcorn to pass around during the SSBB tournament. ;] && thanks for making me feel like the princess of the game room.

The Gun Mage Yuna that asked for my picture! You were the cutest!!!! I wish I would've got your name or something, next year we can cosplay together.

All of my friends that went and helped keep me on track. without you all I'd be lost in my own world there.

Everyone that asked for my picture. You all made me feel pretty. : D

&& basically just everyone there! all of you were the most amazing people. I can't wait till next year!!!!

05-27-2008, 02:27 PM
I want to give a shotout to all the airgear people for lettign me tag along on the friday photoshoot *was the one in shino's green coat* and to all teh hellsing cosplayers AND That certain aizen o:

05-27-2008, 03:04 PM
Hmm. How about:
All of the amazing cosplayers at the FF photoshoot: It was absolutely awesome.

Everyone who I took a picture of/with: Thanks so much! ^^

Everyone who took pictures of me/called out my character's name and waved: You make me feel special as always.

The wonderful con staff who kept us all as sane as possible: Thanks for another wonderful year.

The Sheraton Hotel: We'll all miss you.

Everyone else: See you next year!

05-27-2008, 03:46 PM
My shoutouts are going to sound awfully similar to Zipchan's, buuut...

Zipchan: for letting me freeload at your house for a week before the con, of course. =D

Haruhi, Tira and Kurogane: for putting up with me for a year (more than that in some cases) and my insane cosplay and skit ideas, learning all those dances, and getting on stage with me and performing. You guys are more awesome than you will ever know, and I'll see all of you later! =D

Luigi, Jess, Matt and Andrea: because whenever I got to actually talk to you guys, it made my weekend

Marielle-taichou, Duane, Wataru, Perry and George: because without you guys, the video room would have failed so hard Dx

Lelouch: for being tons of fun to hang out with all con, 'specially all night Saturday with the beach ball game...

Everyone that congratulated me on winning for my AMV: thanks, and you all cheered me up more than you'd ever believe after the cosplay skits were over!

Everyone that thought our skit was funny: you people are the reason I go to cons!

Guilmon: for being one of the only three Digimon cosplayers I've ever met in real life!

The guys that ran video room 1: for being super helpful and awesome

Ria and her posse: for being cool!

Animazement staff and volunteers: because now that I know how hard it is to help run a convention, I really appreciate what you guys do!

Everyone that was in the impromptu beach ball game in the lobby at 4am: because that really was the most fun I've ever had that early in the morning

Everyone that gave me food: you all WIN AT LIFE

05-27-2008, 04:02 PM
Sean/catboy- Your cosplay was really cute! You were a fun person to hang out with too! I loved your bell collar XD

: D he was adorable! <333

Katu Fushigi
05-27-2008, 04:09 PM
Okay. Scared Katu is scared to post, but shout outs are needed.

Staffers: Holy hell, you guys rocked it this year. Thanks for making it fun, safe and answering my innane questions.

Zipchan: Waaah. You were fun. Sorry to be so sleepy on Sunday. Fire alarms and whatnot. I'm still sleepy. Thanks for being my "second" Haruhi. XD;

Caroline and Day: It was hella fun hangin' out with you guys. Sorry I didn't get to really say goodbye... saa, Sayonara, Hona Sayonara, ashita wa kitto hallelujah!

Everyone who Congratulated Me: Thank you again. o_o Thank you. Did that really happen? Thank you. Thank you.

Yuuko-san-Cosplayer-san: ...You have inspired me to do a really freaking hard cosplay myself. It will be less interesting, less professional and less feminine, but you are my inspiration nonetheless.

Utai: AAAAAAAH. Every time, it's like, "LOL HI! LOL BYE!" We should try and haaaaang some more.

CardcaptorKiki-chan: I've already talked to you about it in your journal. My secret desire. XD It was fun seeing you again.

Bucky: Cool to see you again, man!

Everybody Else that I have Ultimately Forgotten and I Am Sincerely Sorry About That: Way to make it an awesome con guys. Made of win. Made of win and magic.

05-27-2008, 08:22 PM
*glomp* I wish I could have seen you more, I'm sorry I startled you when I was yelling "KATU!!!" as Ulquiorra in the dark, you were like "wtf is that? o_O do i know you?" and congrats on the skit, i cant wait to see it! (almost passed out before the skits and couldnt go)

05-27-2008, 10:46 PM
Here we go:

My roomies, GaaraSandNin and Socks: You guys are awesome, thankies for indulging me with the picture shots, and just in general, being the crazy fun guys you are ;D.

The J-Day Gang: Nice seeing all of you, FINALLY. One year later, here we are! Loved all your costumes too!

That Aizen Gaara mentioned: Dude, you were awesome. Aizen's ban kai is another Aizen.

The Air Gear group: Dudes. You. Rocked. Enough said. I can't wait to sell you all again, and hope that it's soon.

The JGR group: All of you were really chillax. Loved your AG cosplay when you wore it on Saturday, oh how I wish I would of taken pics with you guys in an AG shot, but maybe next time, eh? ;D

Pokemon and Bleach groups: I spent less time at the shoots than at the other places, but for the time I was there, it nice taking pics with you guys!

Saturday Night's DJ: Really loved your tracks dude- One More Time was such a great way to end a really awesome rave.

To all those that took my picture, and in general, everyone cool from AZ: Thanks a lot- you guys really made the con worthwhile!

05-27-2008, 10:53 PM
Copied from the AZ forum:

Joe, Lindsey and Piper: You guys are always great roomies. Seeing you again made me realize how much I miss you two. Moogle Baby was easily the star this year! I had no idea that the passing thought I had of making a moogle costume would balloon into something that epic. I hope you get back to New York okay.

Sam, Sandy, Jim, Headphone Mike, Kyuubi and the rest of my fellow Animania regulars: I loved hanging out with you. I so wish I lived closer to the RTP area so we could get together more often. I will see some of you at Hero's Con next month!

Wickline: You are such a wonderful Alucard and asking me to lead you around the con on the leash led to much more silliness later on. I still feel bad that you didn't make the Sunday shoot. We'll have to do some shots at another time.

Writing Otaku, aderyn and the rest of the Burlington crew: It's great to finally put faces to names. I hope to see you at Hypermind more often. I'm not kidding when I say that Denise loves cosplayers. And we definitely won't mind more Magic converts.

Kat and Wendy: Thank you so much for helping me pimp my business! As I was working on my latest commission, I realized just how much I love doing this, so I will take all the help I can get. Also, Kat: You are the cutest Schrodinger ever.

Wake Co. Library ladies: Yes, I would still love to help out with your cosplay events!

Nakata-san: You totally made my con. I don't usually go to autograph signings, but I am completely fangirling over the pic you took with me.

Mitsuishi-san: Thank you for finally being able to find the time to come to AZ. Though Voltron, Speed Racer and Astro Boy are really my "first" anime series, Sailor Moon is the series that really got me into anime as a hobby. I hope you got to take pictures with some Sailor Moon cosplayers like you wanted. I already decided I want to do Sailor Iron Mouse and am thinking about doing Sailor Moon just for you.

Staff members: Thanks for letting me sit behind the judges so I could watch Moogle Baby's cosplay debut. I also got a lot of shots of the cosplay, with Mr. Hebert's head in most of them. Laughing Oh, and... Chii!

Orochimaru and Jaraiya from Saturday: I'm sorry I had to run off so quickly, but my friends were waiting on us for dinner and I was the ride. I would have spent the entire afternoon with you both if that wasn't the case. I wish I could have found you when I returned. The Sannin are my favorite characters out of Naruto and Tsunade is fast becoming one of my "trademark" cosplays, painful Death Heels be damned. And I love doing fan service photos!

Cosplay Chess panel organizers: Thanks again for a wonderful time. I was glad to help with crowd control and getting arm bands on everyone. Please let me know if I can help out again, since it's my favorite panel.

Hellsing cosplayers: I don't think I've ever had so much fun doing a photoshoot. And the Anderson that I hung out with afterwards was hilarious as we traded historically accurate, in character insults.

05-29-2008, 11:43 AM
I have quite a few shout outs. e.e

Artist Peoples: You guys were so fun to talk to and made the con very interesting, not to mention everyones art was very great. A special shout-out to the Lain cosplayer, you were really nice. =)

Staff: Obviously, it would be utter chaos without the staff, and I bet it was really hard on you guys this year. You guys rock, especially the staffer who had my back during an incident in the hallway. Thanks a bunch guys.

Random Shirtless Guy: Thank you for bringing me water, even though there was a mix-up in who I was talking to when I was asking my friend for water. You're very kind and that extra water really helped especially since I wasn't feeling well. =) Thank you random shirtless guy!!

Friends: Obviously a con isn't fun without friends, you guys are the best. ;)

People I met: I met a lot of people and most of you, with a few acceptions, were awesome! Especially those who said I was adorable, it was very flattering. xD Those who took pictures of my Sophie cosplay, those who recognized my Kagura Tenouzu cosplay, and the people who I hung out with and am happy I'll be able to keep in touch with. ;) Everyone is so awesome.

To everyone else: Even if I didn't get a chance to talk to everyone, everyone is what makes Animazement. Without everyone, well.. There'd be no more Animazement and it's just so awesome how so many people can have the same interests as one another, even if they vary. You guys make me look very forward to next year. Can't wait.

05-29-2008, 09:19 PM
Katamari rollers: I had more fun rolling that Katamari up then I thought possible. I really wish that I hadn't lost track of everyone after I had to follow the Katamari out of the rave (I was the jerk dressed up as the Prince). I have some pretty rad pictures of us taking that thing apart a few days later, which I'll post if anyone's interested.

Guy With the Boombox: You made the Katamari rolling 10 times cooler then it would have been without you. You, sir, are a scholar and a gentleman.

Girl in the red suit (Sailor Moon cosplay?): One of the people who was rolling up the Katamari. I was hoping to get to talk to you more on Sunday, but I didn't see you. I think that the glowsticks that you gave me to put in there when I was outside were officially the Last Rollups of the Katamari.

Elfgirl M-chan
05-30-2008, 01:51 PM
Okay, so I'm a few days late in finding the thread for it, but I do have a couple of shout-outs to put out there.

Staff - I already told many of you this at the con itself, but still thanks again for making AZXI such an amazing experience!!

Katu - For being my awesome twin (like that needs to be said...XD) and for all the fun we had hanging out in Track 3 during cosplay. Thanks for getting that water/cold napkins for my group and me around our skit! Wolf Link greatly appreciated it! And if you ever need me to sign again, you know where to find me. XD

Sudanro - For making me one happy Fire Emblem fangirl, for making the cosplay line even more tolerable, and for the awesomeness during the Friday Zelda Photoshoot.

Everyone who took my picture, complimented me on my costume, or just liked seeing Wolf Link - Thank you so, so much! Every time I got stopped for a picture, you guys just added to my con experience. And if you complimented me on my costume and didn't see me nod in appreciation, I apologize. I was trying to stay in character as much as possible for when I was in larger settings as well as for the pictures (that's why I didn't speak and was limited to barks, growls, and howls), but please know that I acknowledged and appreciated every single good word you guys sent my way.

The Cosplay Audience - Thanks for your support! My Amaterasu, Midna, and I all appreciate your cheers! We couldn't have gotten Third Place Novice without you!

Countess Lenore
06-03-2008, 11:41 PM
I would like to give a big internet thank you to the Dark Link that gave me the awesome Zelda necklace Friday in the dealer's room (I was dressed as Wind Waker Zelda.) I was confused at first, but it was such a nice gesture and it really made me happy, not to mention that Friday was my birthday, so it was even cooler. Thank you!

06-10-2008, 11:28 PM
I know I'm a bit late...but I guess I'll doa couple shout outs ^^;; Sorry I don't really have names..but I figure you know who you are XD

To the people that came up to me and said they enjoyed last years "Manna manna" skit while in the waiting room for the masq: Thank you XD I'm actually surprised people enjoyed it or even remember it...or remember me. I hope you enjoyed our Grease Naruto skit just as much ^^

Cosplay Chess: Everyone was awesome...though getting killed by large furry animals is just a shameful way for a king to die XD I'll never live it down. I'm proud of you anyway Anime side! To the Fatel Frame cosplayer I harassed with my claws..thanks for having some fun with me. Sorry I had to kill you XD

To the Trinity Blood Lilith cosplayer: OMG you rocked. You made our Trinity Blood shoot absolutely rock. Hurray for our Family Photo and thanks for letting Abel and I harass you by calling you Mommy everytime we saw you XD

CardcaptorKiki: Love ya Sakura-chan ~_^ Glad we got to hang out so much and I hope we can do it again at AWA!

Utai and Hersha: Glad you liked your banner and costumes ^^ Looks great in the pictures. Hope you had a lot of fun and I'll see ya at AWA! (We'll discuss the room thing...)

Seems like there is so much more...but my brain doesn't want to remember right now.

06-14-2008, 12:11 AM
Girl in the red suit (Sailor Moon cosplay?): One of the people who was rolling up the Katamari. I was hoping to get to talk to you more on Sunday, but I didn't see you. I think that the glowsticks that you gave me to put in there when I was outside were officially the Last Rollups of the Katamari.

Haha, I should check Cosplay.com for stuff more often. Sailormoon cosplay, indeed. <3

And it's awesome to hear that the glowsticks were the last rollups! That makes me feel warm and squishy inside!


As usual, my shoutouts go to my squeeing, glomping fangirls who make cosplaying Seiya so fulfilling. I loved going into the chinese food place down the hall and hearing one of them going "That's my Seiya!"

Unfortunately, I won't be attending Animazement next year, as I'm studying abroad in Japan, but eh, I'm certainly not complaining too much!

06-16-2008, 10:31 PM
I HAVEN'T BEEN ON HERE IN WHAT SEEMS LIKE FOREVER! i'd like to thank some special people myself.

the staff!!!! this was the best year EVER!! i got to speak with you briefly at the end of the con, i know you said you didn't do much this year but i think you all did an amazing job.

SPOOKLOOPS AND FEBREEZE NINJA as always much fun was had before, during and after the con. i think we were all exhausted by the end we just crashed. LOL

TINA, JOEY, CONNIE i hope you enjoyed this year as much as before and i hope everyone comes back in the future.

TRIAD YAKUZA i got to meet some of you face to face and it was really cool to put faces to names. i hope to have a much more active roll in putting some meetings together for us soon!

KEVIN AND CHRIS if your reading this, i am so glad you had so much fun and i feel good that i got the chance to spread the otaku love of animazement.

EVERYONE THAT I SPOKE TO IN THE CRAFTSMANSHIP LINE it was great to talk to you. i know i looked crazy standing there triming tiny tiny threads hanging off my super pink kimono. LOL. but i have to say i am still amazed at Yuko. you really should have won SOMETHING! don't be discouraged, your only 16 and already have more talent and ability than most people will ever have. keep at it.

to everyone else, this was a great year and it was soooo good to speak to so many new people.

see ya space cowboy...........

06-29-2008, 12:59 PM