View Full Version : AM2003 Cosplay Events Staff

06-25-2003, 12:20 AM
I've noticed a little buzz here about cosplay staff positions-

Yes, Lisa and I are lookin' for a few good cosplay friendly types to help staff the 'Cosplay under the Stars' as well as the 'Cosplay Revue' (until we can think of a better name for it :) ).

Please note- if you are staffing the masquerade, you cannot BE in the masquerade. If you'd like to compete in the cosplay contest, but still have a big heart and want to help out the Autumn Dream, by all means, we'd love some help for the Revue show on Friday night! Both events are going to be a lot of fun for everyone involved!

Since both events are cosplay intensive, We'd like a couple of the staff members (at least) available to help with both events.

If you are interested in helping with the Friday night Revue show, what we are looking for is someone to act as a wrangler for the acts and confirm those acts before the show. Basically a couple more hands helping Lisa and I out. It's pretty laidback stuff.

For Masquerade staff, we will need someone to be in charge of check in for the entrants, someone to be the head wrangler for the acts and someone to assist with paperwork and escorting of the judges. These positions vary in intensity and responsibility and your services will be needed for a moderate part of Saturday morning/afternoon and of course Saturday evening. Assistance on Friday would also be greatly appreciated (we might just :heart: you forever).

We will also need a few volunteers/gofers for both events, so if you are on volunteer staff, please contact the head of volunteering to ask if you may serve some of your time with us in Masquerade land.

Anyone interested in being on Cosplay staff should email me at tristencitrine@usa.net . Please explain what event(s) you are interested in helping out with, and a little bit of background information about yourself (i.e. why you would like to help out with our cosplay shindigs, etc) because we would like to know a little about you :).

Here's to another great Masquerade!