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05-29-2008, 08:25 AM
To anyone who watches Gurren Lagann and hasn't finished, WARNING, this is a spoiler!!

This is my second cosplay, and I intend to cosplay as Timeskip Simon:


For the star glasses, well that's a mystery. I think KaZzu's version is the best I've seen, and it's baffling to figure out what material he used and what kind of process he used to give his star glasses depth.
I remember reading something about using acrylic, but I'm not entirely sure what that material is like.

And, oh yes, the trenchcoat. The source of much frustration and agony. I've made a trenchcoat for Storm from FFXIII before, but this won't be anywhere near as simple, nor will it be possible to cut corners. My last endeavor was a failure because it was massively obvious where I sewed the pieces of the trenchcoat together, as the pieces warped inward, I didn't really know if I was sewing the trenchcoat together correctly because at the places where it was sewn, I cut the flaps that showed on the inside and wasn't sure if I was supposed to do that; and I used vinyl, which in itself, was a mistake, and I did absolutely nothing for the inside of the coat itself, like add a liner, which I still am not entirely sure what it is or how to make. The final result was wearing a completely stiff coat which baked me the entire day. The whole experience was reminiscent of a Simpsons episode when Maggie was wearing a starfish suit, and was left completely immobile.

For this trenchcoat, a few specific questions come to mind, like which material should I use? I was considering pleather, but only because of my lack of experience.

For areas where color overlaps on the trenchcoat, do I just sew on a different piece of fabric on top of the original base? (for example, the red half stars on the chest of the bluish-black trenchcoat) Sorry, I know this one is a no-brainer, but I need confirmation.

Also, the outside of the trenchcoat is blue while the inside is red. What does this mean? Do I just sew an identical red side of the same fabric to the backside of every individual blue piece, and BEFORE I sew all the individual pieces together?

Sorry, I know I've asked a bunch of questions, but any sort of reply/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Also here's some progress on my drill:


05-30-2008, 06:47 PM
Try the Gurren Lagann thread:
PS: Your drill is awesome.