View Full Version : Cosplay Picnic June 22, 2008!!!

Lady Neese
06-11-2008, 10:25 PM
June 22nd, 2008 I am holding the first annual cosplay picnic. It will be at Fox Run Park in North Colorado Springs at the Oak Meadows Pavilions, from 11am until 2pm (or whenever we want to go home). The date is changed to a week earlier than what I first posted! June 22nd is now finalized as the official day. Sorry if that messed anything up, but since we're still more than a month away, there's a good chance people can still make it.

There is no fee, but it is potluck style (that's your contribution - rice crispy treats). It will have anime and j-pop music, a costume competition (I'll tell you what categories later), and games including: vollyball, horse shoes, duck duck ninja, ultimate frisbee, and silly fun stuff like that. Winners get awards.

I aim to make this THE BEST FREE ANIME EVENT ALL YEAR!!! NDK staff is welcome to come, too! Roy Mustang will be manning the grill, but if you have griling experience and would like to help (especially if you're a fire related character), let me know. This is going to rock. It takes a lot of planning, though, so people, respond as soon as you can!

Don't respond to me though, this is being set up by the lovely Kagina (on the NDK boards) the original topic is here: http://www.ndkdenver.org/forum/index.php/topic,1119.0.html

If you're interested in coming post here or get over to the NDK boards and post there!