View Full Version : cover band for AZ 09'

kireina seishin
06-18-2008, 11:58 PM
I know there was a 'musicians?' thread awhile back, but it was so widespread that everyone that said they played an instrument lived so far away from eachother it didn't really help anyone find people to play with. Not thats what it was for but it didn't help me:toothy: So I thought I would just see if there were any musicians around here. It would be cool to try and start a band that plays songs from animes and j-rock too. Especially the beat crusaders!!! Once we got a few set lists down we could play at anime clubs and conventions. Just let me know if you play an instrument (or sing) and are interested. Here's a link of me playing at animazement if you were wondering what instrument I played (the guy didn't get the whole song unfortunately).