View Full Version : Batman from "Superman: Red Son"

06-19-2008, 11:03 AM
I am working on this costume, and it's going pretty well so far I think, however I am having a hell of a time figuring out how to do the cape. I have virtually no sewing experience, at least as far as making my own pattern goes.

I have the hat already planned out and mostly made. The trouble I am having is the cape. I see that it is basically a "mantle" with a cape that attaches to it and flows down. I do have a monks robe with a very similar mantle on the head piece thaT I am probably going to use as a model, but I was hoping someone else might have a little better insight, as to where I can find a pattern. I am planning on making it attach in the front with hooks and eyes, so that I can make it tight around the neck and still get it over my head.

I am also curious how I should make the head piece. should I just make it a cape around the neck, or should I bring it up over the head for more stability since the hat will cover it.

I wanted to make the cape out of a soft light leather, but I think that will still be too heavy and hot, so I am thinking of just using a
"leatherette" material that looks pretty nice, but I don't think it would flow very well. I had also thought of like parachute material, if I can find it in matte, but it seems to have the thickness of a leather. And this Batman lives in freeking Siberia, so I can't worry too much about warm for accuracy, cause he would want it warm. I was going to make the mantle out of a different material than the cape portion, but I still don't know what. I am currently just trying to get the shape right with a piece of muslin.

Also, if anyone knows where I can get a leather flap holster like that one for not too much money, that would be great. I can find similar, but I want to be as close as possible, and I don't know if it exists. Anything with a crossdraw and a flap would be fine for me as of now though.

Oh and I plan on wearing this at SDCC 2008.