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06-29-2003, 01:12 AM
Okay I need a little advice ^_^ I'm doing a wig of Kei from Dirty Pair Flash
Here's the wig I'm working with:

My plans are to cut three layers into it one from the top of the crown around approximatly about 4 incehs
then the layer under that about 6 inches
then the layer under that about 8 inches
these are just apporximate I ususally eye it.

then I'm going to use a big round bruch and hairdryer to set a flip into it all the way around
For the blonde bangs I plan on glueing in hair extensions. here's where i have some questions. Should I cut the bangs almost completly off? Second how should I get that style into the bangs? I used a cheap wig as a practice run and it looks funny ^_^ This wa before I found out about setting styles in with a hair dryer so for the sides I teased it. This wigs was originally a china girl type style

originally with this I was gong for a natural look, but I think I'd lie to try to achieve a more anime spikey look, please ANY suggestions/tips are welcomed!

oh and yeah on the front bangs I accadently chopped off a big piece oops!

06-29-2003, 12:06 PM
Ok, first off, the "round brush + hairdryer method" doesn't work in on synthetic fiber. If you warm it up, it just becomes pliable and floppy, and won't retain a shape. However, you can use jumbo rollers and a hairdryer to create a "flip".

For the bangs, since Kei has so much volume, don't remove any existing hair if you can help it. Just pull the extensions through with a needle. Keep them very close to each other, and pull the darker hair to the sides as you go. When you get a sufficient "clump", just cut and style the wig as normal. ^_^

06-29-2003, 01:00 PM
sorry what do you mean by pull the extensions through with a needle? Like hold the clump to the back and kinda pull the hair through? sorry never had good results trying sewing type methods with hair. thanks

06-29-2003, 02:33 PM
Like with needlepoint. Thread a bit of extension through a large-eyed needle, and poke it into the wig from the outside. Then trim it off the needle on the inside.

This is the method I used for Watari, although I wanted his to be more "chunked" so I spread the extensions out a bit.


06-29-2003, 06:08 PM
Wow, I'm doing a wig for my sis to be Kei, too. ^-^ And honestly, I was going to completely jump in the deep end. o.o;; Don't mind if I borrow some tips...? ^-^;;

06-29-2003, 08:53 PM
errrrrrrr I never did needle point ^_^; so you're going from the outside to the inside? gosh that wig looks great!

oh it took me a second but now I see what you're saying! I was thinking you meant pull the hair all the way through.

bah another edit! I was looking in your gallery and really like the tasuki wig. I think that is closer to the style I'm trying to get, only parting down the middle and having each go thoward the sides rather than the back. how'd you do that? Sorry to bug ya so much.

06-30-2003, 01:53 AM
Tasuki was just done with styling glue, curlers, and caulk. Just put the curlers in the way you'd like the part to go, and set them with low heat. Once they completely cool, remove them and the hair should be going in the correct direction. ^_^

06-30-2003, 02:27 AM
ug I'm such a pain but you are so helpful, when you say caulk do you mean...um... like for tile? I know that sounds so dumb but I've done a little searching and that's all I've found. thanks so much this is so exciting, I just love all these great tips ^_^

06-30-2003, 05:24 AM
Yes, for tile. Clear drying.