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06-24-2008, 12:52 PM
I have to admit I'm pretty new to cosplaying. Nonetheless, I've had a lot of arts-and-crafts in my choice of education so I'm willing to tackle the pigtails on Maka's wig (reference (http://i286.photobucket.com/albums/ll102/killjoy_cosplay/Maka/maka-2.jpg)) from Soul Eater. ^_^;; I have a Dory in 613, which I will cut some length off for wefts, and a pack of extensions. I didn't want to get the miracle Innocent wig because it's fairly thick and Maka's hair is super straight and thin.

I just have a few questions about Katie Bair's parting tutorial (http://www.pettingzoowigs.com/wigtutorial_parting.html) before I potentially kill my wig:

1.) In the pictures for step 7 and 8, the "mohawk" of hair looks pretty long. Do I really have to pull it through that much, or is that for instructional purposes? The directions say 1 inch. As less as possible makes the most sense to me. I want to conserve length because I want to cut the 48" extensions in half and have twice as much material. 22" seems like such a waste if I'm just going to trim it off for the stub o_o
2.) Searching for "pigtails" in the forum gives me a lot of SOS threads like mine. I read in one of them that a glue gun could be used in place of a heat sealer. Is this true? That would be convenient, since I already have one.
3.) At the bottom, it says "While the extensions shouldn't fall out under normal wear, and will easily be able to withstand the stress of being pulled into ponytails, combing or brushing them while they're still loose has a very good chance of yanking bits out." I've also heard that ponytails should be pulled up little by little and neatly combed in between. I'm leaning toward the latter advice. D= Shouldn't a wide-toothed comb be fine?

06-24-2008, 05:28 PM
1.) It is likely for instructional purposes that it's so long - either that or she's grossly underestimating how much she actually pulls through. You can also get away with cutting the 48" wefts in half - I did when I was experimenting with parting for pigtails that I never finished, so I can't say if my method was better/worse. However 24" should be long enough.

2.) I think a glue gun should be okay, but you just have to make sure that you get ALL of the fibers glued so you don't get ones pulling out. glue guns can also get rather messy with the glue pulls.

3.) I think she means don't brush them too much - i.e. don't "brush" them up into ponytails and don't yank on them. A wide-toothed comb, I imagine, should be all right when pulling them up provided you're not yanking on the ends to get knots out (you can probably just chop them, since you'll be cutting it all off anyway for stubing). I wouldn't use a brush at all, however.

Sparkle Pipsi
06-24-2008, 06:20 PM
I agree with Cora's comments, but I thought I would expand =). I've parted a few wigs for ponytails before, so hopefully my own experience of trial and error can be of use to you, hehe ^__^.

I'd have to agree with you that Katie's "mohawk" looks pretty long. The "mohawks" in my wigs were hardly mohawks at all... maybe a quarter of an inch long at best. Because they end up so short, I've always skipped her step of adding the fabric on the inside of the wig to hide the stubblies... they were never long enough for me to warrant them being a nuisance, plus adding the fabric on the inside makes it harder for the wig to stretch and fit your head (although it does make the inside of your wig look prettier xD).

Also, I haven't used the hot glue method of "sealing" the extensions before (although I have used hotglue to make and attach hair buns... works like a charm), but another cost effective tool you could use is a hair flat iron... they're less messy than hot glue, and you can get one super cheap (like maybe 10 bucks at the most) at Walmart. It essentially does the same thing as a heat sealer, but it's most easily attainable and less expensive (which is always good!). This (http://beautyonfifthave.com/images/31-A8320_l.jpg) is the exact one I use... I think I got it for $7 or something xD;. I just thought I'd throw that out there since it's always worked so well for me... and I'm so clumsy with hot glue I prefer not to use it when can (I tend to burn myself a bit too often T 3T).

I'm sure the hot glue method would work, since it melts the hair and that's really all you need, it's just that hot glue gets messy soooo easily so you'd need to be extra careful. Definitely doable, though ^___^.

06-24-2008, 08:11 PM

I made the same assumption when I started parting my wig. I got the extensions through and tried to seal them with the glue gun. First off remember that it take about 15 seconds for the hot glue to dry and if you try to hold it together with your fingers you will a) burn your fingers and b) have glue stuck to your fingers once it dries. And you have to smush the ends together for it to stick so there is no real way around the first problem. Secondly it's almost an inevitably you will accidentally get glue on you wig. I don't care how careful you say you can and will be it will happen, again from experience.

Most people ask this questions on what else can I use besides the heal sealer and really, the answer is suck it up and buy one.

06-24-2008, 10:08 PM
=O Thanks, guys! You've answered my questions in every way, shape, and form... theoretically, practically, spiritually, and grammatically. I love this forum =*_*=

Cora - Thankya for clearing everything up. I'll let my brushes rip out my own hair, not my wigs'. BtwIloveyourwork<3

Sparkle - Your tips are super. =D That'll save me sooo much work.

Yunalicia - YES MA'AM ._. I really would like one, but it seems like Katie Bair's the only person selling that little purple handheld version. It looks like it's the exact same brand as the flat iron Sparkle suggested, but I don't see it on their website. I'll be looking around. Thank you for your warning. And believe or not, I've been touching hot glue for fun most of my life. My mom arranges flowers. *cough*

06-25-2008, 04:00 PM
=O Thanks, guys! You've answered my questions in every way, shape, and form... theoretically, practically, spiritually, and grammatically. I love this forum =*_*=

Cora - Thankya for clearing everything up. I'll let my brushes rip out my own hair, not my wigs'. BtwIloveyourwork<3

Aww, thanks ♥ ^_^

It might be a good idea to put some wax paper around the plates of the flat iron if that is what you decide to use. That way the plastic won't melt to the metal. However you'd have to be careful that the wax doesn't melt either. Oh, I dunno LOL I usually use wax paper when working with glue or things that need melting, because it won't stick after it's dry. Although on second thought, I'm not so sure how well it works next to a heat source >_>