View Full Version : Making Midna Costume: In Need of Advice

07-02-2008, 08:45 PM
Okay, so as the title clearly states, i'm deciding to make a Midna costume, though 1. This is my first time even really planning cosplay 2. I'm not near a convention anytime soon but i'd like to give myself a lot of time and planning over the summer before school starts again and i'm tied to my books.

Here some general questions i have that if any experienced cosplayers have the answer to, your comments will be much apphrecated:

1. Is there any particular way you make/find/buy the hair pieces for Midna. I see some make it for themself and some that look exactly the same (manufactured type of way). I've searched, as an easy way to see if there is some magical store online that sells 'em just to see... so far i've been outta luck. Which if there is such a place, could someone be enough to provide a link please ^^ And if not, any ideas on how to make your own, materials and such, methods would be nice.

2. Fabrics commonly used. I know i could walk in a fabric store and ask but just to be safe i'd would like a cosplayer to point me in the right direction. Something that is light weight, no cheap looking, good for paint/dying, and some that will LAST a convention (nothing that tears easily when walking or in crowds.

These are my main concerns for now, the rest i'm finding bit by bit on this site ^__^ Makes things a lot easier.

Thank you for your time!

07-02-2008, 09:03 PM
Try the Zelda cosplay thread. I know there's a couple Midna in there, and even more cosplayers that could help with your costume. :3