View Full Version : Ride/Room share for Otakuthon (TO <> M-real)

07-07-2008, 10:26 PM
Edit, 7/16: Thanks everybody for your interest... we're full!
Moderator or Admin please close this thread, & we'll see you all at Otakuthon!

Need a ride or room share for Otakuthon? I am a cosplayer/photographer from Toronto heading to Montreal for Otakuthon this year. Due to bailers I am looking for 1-3 fellow cosplayers to split gas and the room I have booked at the Holiday Inn convention hotel.

-Leaving from Toronto Friday July 25th, preferably earlier in the day. (For anyone in central TO to the east side of the city, even Durham region or anywhere east along the 401, pickup is no problem so long as you are splitting gas.) Returning Sunday 27th later in the PM, after all the Otakuthon events wrap up.
-Based on current milage and gas costs, I estimate the gas will cost $100 total in both directions... split that 2, 3, or 4 ways depending on how many join and it's still cheaper than bus.
-There won't be room for large props. (Sorry, small car!)
-The room is reserved for the nights of July 25th and 26th at the Holiday Inn, right next to the Palais. It's a nonsmoking room with two queen beds. After taxes etc I estimate it will come to $360 _max_ for both nights - split 2 to 4 ways is about 180, 120, or 90 each for two nights.
-Mixed company (guys/girls sharing the room) has gotta be OK.

The not so fine print:
-PLEASE... only PM me if you are serious about going, like if you have already registered for the event. I am serious. I have already registered, booked time off work, and reserved a hotel room... so nothing short of bodily dismemberment, a death in the family, or spontaneous combustion is going to stop this trip! (On that note... sorry, no tobacco smokers... allergies.)
-Responsible adults only... By which I mean you are 19+, employed and capable of putting your share of gas/accomodation $ in my hand when we depart for Montreal, not during or after the trip. If you overpay even a dollar I will refund you at the end of the trip, but if you mess up the room and stick me with additional charges (damages, phone calls, stolen property etc) I will hunt you down and steal your eyeballs. With that in mind, please don't be offended if I ask to meet up beforehand, swap information, or get a small deposit. (Insert smiley of your choice here.)
-I would hope that you have a profile on this site which actually contains information and photos. A flickr profile or actual personal website would work too. If you want to know more about me to see if we'd get along check my profile on this site or go here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/hypersapiens/sets/

OK, with that all said... if you were looking for a friendly stranger to split the bill with to Otakuthon, send me a PM or email and we can discuss arrangements.