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07-01-2003, 10:24 PM
Okay. Since I missed out on my chance to order a wig from witchwigs, I went ahead and bought a showgirl wig from a local wigshop. It was pretty curly, and Kate suggested to use the hotwater method - to submerge it and then hang dry. It did only relax the curls... so I tried a few other methods, so here I am to share!

1: For this you will need spray bottle and a good steam iron or clothessteamer. I used a Rowenta Poweglide with a verstical steam option. I took small sections of the hair, dampened it, and while pulling gently I steamed each piece until they were dry. This works pretty well, except ends usually are hard to do. It does leave the wig a little bit wavy, but for the most part, straight.

2: Is more or less the same as above, but with a blow dryer on low heat. It more or less has the same results.

But for me, I was waaay too much a perfectionist to live with a not perfectly straight wig, so I took the risk, and pulled out my temp control curling iron. I know heat to wigs is bad, so use this method at your own risk!This did work for me, but I like to take risks. :P

3: Why I use a curling iron instead of a flat iron? Well, I didn't have a temp control flat iron. :P Make sure that your iron is on the LOWEST possible setting! Now, divide the hair into even smaller sections - for example, I did mine in an inch width, and three layers of hair only. Make sure all tangles are gone. Hold the iron in a way that your thumb has a good grasp of the clamping piece, because you never want to completely clamp down on the hair; just so that the hair can move easily though but still being surrounded by heat. When running the hair through, I angled the iron a little so the the hair was being pulled by the edge of the clamp (does that make sense?) But be careful, if you do end up crimping the hair, just keep going over that section to straighten it out, but waiting for it to cool each time. When you've straightened that piece, run it through your fingers to cool if before setting it aside.

This last one was REALLY tedious and boring, but I really liked the end result. Pics soon I hope!

07-02-2003, 01:26 AM
The hot water method is a "rinse, repeat" method. You can't get a curly wig to straight with only one try, you need to let it cool and dry completely then comb it out and re-wet it.

07-02-2003, 05:48 PM
Ahh, okay... that would probably work, since I only did it once. ^-^;;