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07-28-2008, 06:00 PM
Downfalls of the con, highlights of the con?
What made it awesome, what could've been better?
Rate the con out of 10
Ups of the con, Downs of the con

Otakuthon was Amazing. I thought it was better then AN in some areas.
Congress centre was amazing, staff and Otakuthon Staff were so nice.
Everything was so close by, omg China Town 2 minute walk away!! (is from Ottawa XD )
Places to take pics, amazing.
I love the cosplay Cafe
I liked trying to learn the Haruhi Dance!! lol
Had a lot going on in the con.
Meeting awesome new people.
Wish the dealers room was a little more bigger, kinda squishy, but of course every dealer room is XD
I loved the fact that all the panels and events were in one building.

One thing I did not enjoy... the concert..
I couldnt stay longer then like 5 minutes..
My band was brutally murdered, I was insulted >.> that's all I have to say.

I give the con a rating of 81/2 out of 10 maybe even 9 O.o

07-29-2008, 10:46 AM
It was my first time going, and I haven't been to Montreal in a long while. Even though most things are in French, and my French is limited, I was still able to enjoy a couple of panels and shows.

Everyone is so friendly, it's amazing how friendly people are and i'm not used to it =P If I didn't speak French, people were very nice about it (in the con atleast, outside of the con I ran into a couple of French speaking snobbery).

The con was well run in my view, there were some technical glitches during the AMV contest and the masq, but things like that happen, and it doesn't exactly detract from my experience.

I enjoyed getting the chance to meet new people and just hang around.

All the different cosplays was very nice. It almost seemed like everyone was in a costume, and very little weren't :P

I rate my experience 10/10

07-29-2008, 01:19 PM
OMG it was you cosplaying Gankutsuou! I loved your costume!! I'm the one who interviewed you for our promotional video. I was cosplaying as Yurika, Otakuthon's mascott.

I was soooo busy this weekend and at the same time, I got so many free time. I had the best time ever at Otakuthon and I have to say that it was the best year we had!

07-29-2008, 02:40 PM
yeah for otakuthon^^
even dough i was extremely bussy running around with my contest stuff ^^; and being a judge

i love this year best ^^
can't wait to next year to run around again ^^

i love to be busy ^^;;

also big hourray for the maskerade people and for otakuthon people too ^^

hope next year it be bigger and more people ^^

dealer was a bit small but ive found a few very wow figure (too bad money was not enough to buy them all ^^;;)

see ya next year all

ps: those who miss this year
hope you comem next year (hopefully yeah!)

Hamano Ayumi
07-29-2008, 04:38 PM
I've never really been to any other con other than AC-Cubed. And I actually enjoyed Otakuthon a lot more. <3 Of course, it's local and convenient, but it really was wonderful and I met tons of people. >3 They still should work a bit more on efficiency in registration, but I don't think it was too bad. They jumped a lot this year, and using Palais de Congres was kickass convenient. <3 Chinatown was close, it was large and spaced out, in the underground beneath there were deps and Tim Hortons. XD It was way better~

Everyone was also very nice. :3 Occasionally you'd meet a person who ticked you off (I was taking commissions next to the MUSEbasement table, and there was this one person who shall remain nameless but wouldn't stop bothering me to be finished. I had other people before that person's for cryin out loud, and I warned about it. Wouldn't stop pestering me. >_>). Anyway. It was a great feeling to meet so many people. Especially when they were ecstatic about my cosplay. <3

I was Kamui Shirou from Tsubasa on Saturday, and Shiki Misaki from TWEWY on Sunday~ :3 People took many pictures and that made me happy. <3

(Oh, and the Dealers were also so polite and friendly, can't wait for next year! 9/10 just to be safe!)

08-04-2008, 01:26 PM
It was my first time going to a con, and I really regret not going costumed. I just learned that we had it in Montreal during the fantasia festival and I am grateful I went

Next year, I will comme back from China sooner to be there, and this time I will be cosplaying with my six friends that I will tag along^^

I loved it, Con are funny^^ and the people have great costumes

(sorry for my bad english ...)

08-05-2008, 07:32 AM
I love it! expecially the new location. It's very big and the con was on one floor. The dealer is getting bigger and so the artist alley. A lot of people cosplayed. I didn't know it was getting so fast. It's only the third year of Otakuthon. A lot of people were coming ^___^ make me want to take a lot of photos! Cosplayers had beautiful and great costumes! I didn't go to the panel and workshop, hopefully i will go next year.

I was a punk lolita and my sister, a country lolita. We only went on Sunday. Next year, I'm going on two days for sure!

i rate 10/10 ^__^

08-05-2008, 12:01 PM
'08 was my first year at Otakuthon, and i think that the Palais des Congres was a really good place for it. Having mostly everything on the same floor, easy of access was quite nice.

The dealers room, however, did feel kind of small but i'm guessing it'll only get bigger with the years!

The best part, for me at least, took place at the Old Port when we took the Kingdom Hearts crew over there for some pictures. I just wish we hadn't gotten kicked out due to some people getting really loud and "disturbing the public" :( I had found a really sweet spot for more pictures with our smaller group ;/ I guess there's always next year!!

08-05-2008, 01:42 PM
You guys got kicked out of the Old Port? How come? Your story needs more details. :)

08-05-2008, 01:54 PM
Lol! Well.. The Kingdom Hearts Photoshoot which was supposed to take place in front of the Palais des Congres moved to the Old Port, near the Centre des Sciences. Everything at first was fine, alot of people, mostly tourists were wondering what was going on, many of them asking questions or coming to take pictures of the cosplayers.

No one was complaining, to our knowledge, as people took the group pictures, followed by the character shoots, Sora's, Riku's, Kairi's, etc.. My smaller group then moved a bit away from the large group and did our own little private shots.

The larger group, however started doing "fan service" shots, including alot of Yaoi and such. Which made the little fangirls (no offense ;p) louder and louder, which is what i'm assuming alerted the head of security, which sent 2 of his minions to come talk to us.

When they got here, i was back with the group and since i wasn't in cosplay and with a camera in hand, they asked if i was in charge of the group, and i asked why.

They simply answered that their boss is asking us to leave the premises. I tried questioning them some more, the two security guys didn't really seem bothered by us, but one of them pointed out to one of those karts in the walking way stating that his boss (in the kart) was the one that sent them, and that it was his decision, not theirs.

Since we weren't there asking for trouble, our group then started heading back up St-Laurent towards the Palais des Congres and the Convention.

That pretty much sums it up.. I don't really get how we were "disturbing the general public" as they stated, but whatever I guess the old rent-a-cop needed his power trip moment for the day and aimed it towards our poor cosplayers! :p