View Full Version : Schoolgirl Kairi vs. Casual/urban Kairi?

07-31-2008, 12:46 PM
Reference image of Kairi: http://images.wikia.com/kingdomhearts/images/a/a0/KHII-Kairi_SchUni-CG.jpg

I have less then 2 months to complete a costume and I'm not sure which one I should do. My ideas are either making a casual version of Kairi's outfit from Kingdom Hearts 2 or just doing her schoolgirl outfit from the game. Based on my time limit, which would be the more practical outfit?

08-04-2008, 02:42 PM
go for her schoolgirl outfit, its not hard to find a blouse, black shoes and socks.

the only thing thats important is that the material for the tie and skirt are the same, but you could always use a real school uniform or just get lots of material lol

loads of luck to you, hope its done in time !

08-04-2008, 08:21 PM
The only problem I found with the material for the skirt is it's hard to find blue plaid. You could try doing like one girl who got the right colored base fabric then used fabric paint to paint on the plaid. Either way it's a fair amount of work.

08-04-2008, 08:28 PM
Both are fairly doable within a 2 month time frame, so really it's a matter of deciding what you'd wanna go for. Causal cosplay based off of game outfit colors/designs are a little bit harder for recognition, make sure you carry a noticeable prop like a paopu fruit or her message bottle, but if you have more fun picking out original accessories pieces, and wanna be a little different then every other Kairi at the con then I say for the casual. If you're looking for game accuracy/authenticity, then stick with schoolgirl.

08-04-2008, 08:33 PM
I dunno.. At SakuraCon this past year I saw only two other school girl ones, and lots of casual Kairi's.

It kind of is even at larger conventions, depending on whatever's more popular.

I managed to be slightly more unique because I carried around a Kingdom Key I claimed I stole from Sora when he wasn't looking. xD;

08-11-2008, 04:13 PM
Thanks for all the advice. My friend is going as a casual Axel so we decided either casual or school girl. I went to Scotland this past week and looked for any kilt that would look similar to Kairi's and couldn't find one. So I think I may do a casual. My friend is making a kairi version of the kingdom key instead of the destiny island keyblade and I can sew a paopu fruit together.