View Full Version : Security Staff Deadline

07-09-2003, 05:18 AM
To those interested in joining Security staff, there is a deadline of September 3rd for submitting your application. This is because there is training that is too involved to be done at the con.

High level security meetings will be held once a month starting in late July (date to be determined when I figure out from Revell when I can hijack his store). This means there will be three security meetings before the con. The last of which will be held in late September. If you are interesting in joining or remaining on Security staff, you MUST attend at least one of these meetings. You can wait till the last minute (late September), but I want to make sure everybody is on the same page by the time October rolls around. There are a number of issues we need to deal with.

Those interested in joining Security are welcome to attend these meetings. Mr. Holtz may hold additional meetings that involve his department only.

Security Coordinator Aaron Holtz, Con-Chair Revell Walker, and myself will be on site to answer any of your questions.

Thanks for you attention.