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08-26-2008, 10:32 PM
Edit: I wasn't sure if this goes in the Anime/Manga category or not because it's asking more about how to modify the jacket than to make the Ouran cosplay.

I can make/buy the tie, pants, the badge, and dress shirt, but the only thing i'm having trouble with is the jacket.
So today I went Thrift store shopping with my friend for an Ouran Jacket, and I found one! (only $1.49!) :D
My camera sucks, so the color (which is almost perfect) doesn't come out very well.

It's flaws:
1. It's too wide.
2. The folds are coming apart. I don't really know the phrase I'm supposed to use. If you see the picture you can tell it looks kinda floaty where it's supposed to fold over.
3. It's not as straight and pointy as the Anime/Manga is.
4. The pockets don't have little flaps.
Oh boo hoo I'll deal with the last two.

I'm not complaining about it only having 2 buttons because even though the Manga had 3 buttons, the anime had 2.

So, to the actual question: How would I fix 1 and 2?
I might take it to a tailor, but that might get a bit pricey.

08-27-2008, 01:57 AM
ok for the Wide part we are talking wide at the waist or shoulder? if it's the wait basically nip it at the mid back. pinch and pin first try it on and make sure it fits before you cut and sew or you will be sorry. Tailors aren't always that exspensive and many Dry cleaners offer the service of alterations. As for crisp fold a little spray on starch can make a world of difference. Spray, wait a minute, press Ta DA!