View Full Version : Looking for 2 teams of 4 cosplayers for Ycon Event on Sunday at 11am~

09-21-2008, 11:36 PM
Yaoi con is planning to do an event on Sunday for people to play and watch. They are looking for 2 different teams of 4 cosplayers cosplaying from the same unique cosplay theme. (Example. Bleach, Naruto, Phoenix Wright, Final Fantasy VII etc.) If anyone is interested try gathering your friends to join up with you to do group to participate in this event.

It's basically a Cosplay Themed Pictionary tournament. Trick is where the participates have to be in character during the game so it's fun to watch and play as well. One participate at a time from each team against each other will be up paired with a bishi taking turns drawing and guessing, every member will have a turn drawing. A similar game was played during Fanime, but it's a more modified version since the Double Up at Fanime was a test out how it can be improved etc.

Each team - when it's their turn, one draws (they all have to go once - no repeats) and 3 guesses. Under 5 min - they have a chance to get all 10 correct for 10 points. Winning team will receive the grand prize at the end of the game. If there is more than two teams who want to sign up, do post and we'll see how things go. (^^)

09-23-2008, 12:45 AM
I'll be cosplaying from a pretty obscure series on Sunday so I'll have to pass, but this game looks like so much fun!

I'll spread the word. :3