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09-28-2008, 03:14 PM
Many off us cross players like to tone down are felinity and one of the fast ways of doing that is to tone down our pigmented lips. There are also character that have natural pale looking lips (like L) that itís a nice touch to achive a nude lip for.

Iíve been experimenting with different products since your lips are one of the first thing you think about on a daily bases. I personal just wear mascara and lipstick/lip gloss on a normal day.

MAC PRO product Lip Erase

This is a new MAC product that came out last year and itís meant to replace using regular concealer too neutralize you lips before applying a more vivid color. I have to say Iíve done the whole cream concealer on lips and it tends to dry them out pretty bad by the end of the day. This product dose not because it designed to be used on your lips, that being said I recommend wearing lip balm after use since itís not really moisturizing either. The texture and consistence is the same as thick lip balm and it applies the same.

A word of caution you need to have smooth unchapped lips to get an even coat. I recommend using a lip exfoliate on a weekly bases to keep your lips smooth for this product as well as when you want to wear matte lipsticks, it dose make difference. A simple home made one is to us a granulated sugar and a oil paste (jojoba or grape seed). Simply mix the sugar with oil and with your finger rub the paste into your lips gently. I use Tarteís fRxtion, itís a sugar scrub in the tube, and itís probably going to last me all year.

Personally Lip Erase dose itís job better then any concealer, but like most lipsticks you will need to reapply throughout the day. Also you might not need to cake it on to get a more natural look. Allying it more sheer then you would think you need and it allow some of your natural coloration to come through a bit.

As for the two colours I can wear both Pale and Dim. Pale is very pale while Dim on me looks more natural and less dead lips lol. I bought sample pans from the second site Iíve linked below, you normally can only get it from a M.A.C. PRO store or the Pro store online/phone.


http://starauctions.ecrater.com/ original site
http://starsmakeuphaven.com/ this is the new site but they have yet to sale the Erase pans on it.

MAC Lipstick

I have personally not found a good neutral lipstick from them just yet but the more neutral shade are only sold at MAC PRO stores which is why I have not been able to test more colors out. That being said MYTH (pale pink, too pink for me) is one of there most popular nude shade as well as Fleshpot.

Other colours are
Matte: Please Me, Pink Plaid, Kinda Sexy, Taupe, Velvet Teddy, Honeylove, Love Dust
Satin: Myth, Peachstock, Mocha, Cherish, Spirit, Faux, Brave, Siss
Amplified Cream: Underplay, Fast Play, Half 'n Half

Note: these formulas are more opaque then the rest of the MAC lipstick formulas.

NYX Round Lipstick

Really cheap and plenty to chose from. Also almost all the nude shades of lipsticks are opaque and matte. They are not as long lasting as a MAC lipstick but they are about average in terms of needing to reapply.

Orange Soda turn out to be a great nude lip colour for me, but non of the colours will ďerase your lipsĒ in less you happen to match that particular shade in the medium tones. Pumkin Pie also turned out to be really nice warm shade.

I made swatches of all the ones I tested and there are a few photoís from other people.

$1 a tube online
http://www.nonpareilboutique.com/ (more likely to have lipsticks in stock and cheaper shipping to Canada)

Where to buy locally
http://www.nyxcosmetics.com/ US
http://www.nyxcosmetics.ca/ Canada

MAKE UP FOR EVER ~ Flash Color

Finally a product that wonít dry out you lips! Most unusual coloured lipsticks tend to fall short on pigmentation but not these guys! MAKE UP FOR EVER is a large and popular theatrical and cosmetic company in Europe but here in North America we donít have direct access to their theatrical line. Sehpora however did bring in these lovely colours this year! Highly pigmented and smooth matte finish. I recommend using a clear setting powder for longer wear time on your lips.


Just a word of caution the colours that have a blue or green tone will have Ultramarines in them which are not lip safe, you can use them but try to not where these on a daily bases.

Tsusho did a wonderful video tutorial about applying makeup and Male Makeup Tutorial you can find here for further instructions.

09-28-2008, 04:47 PM
Thanks so much for the review/guide Ani_BEE! I now have something to say to other people asking for advice on erasing lip color (other than MAC which I know not some people don't have access to) now that you've posted the guide. I'm going to now have to check out the MAC lip erase now, it seems like a super product ^_^ (too bad the starauctions site only has Dim in stock at the moment, -_-. But hey, they ship internationally! And I didn't know there were sites that sold pigment samples XD!!).

I'm not sure this would be of any use but I figured if we could get comparison photos of nude colored lipsticks together people could have a better general idea of what lipstick would suit them best. The only ones I have are MAC Myth and Peachstock but heres a photo I took of them together in daylight with no flash (I'm a NC30 BTW). Oh and before I forget thanks for cross referencing my tutorial <3~


09-28-2008, 05:43 PM
Swatches are more then welcomed! It's hard for me to get access to the other MAC lipstick shades >_< here's hoping that something in the new Cremesheen line will work for me.

This is also the reason I swatches ALL of my NYX colours since. no one locally sells the round lipstick and site swatches are all messed up.

starauctions (Stars Makeup Haven) do restock there samples on a regular bases so Pale will be up again. they make there batches up as they go. the MAC pigment sample would have been really tempting for me about 6 months ago but I switched over to mineral makeup companies online and the colour selection beyond MAC is so much cheaper.

09-28-2008, 06:33 PM
Gah, I know what you mean about online swatches that look nothing like the real deal >_>. Even though I'm pretty lucky to have a NYX Ulta retailer next to me, I'm really scared to buy make up from the internet without seeing it in real life first.

Next time I'm in a MAC counter store (probably about next week, since my favorite MAC MA said they were coming out with some new products) I'll try to get swatches of all the nude lipsticks they have at the non pro MAC store for you ^-^ (along with the new LE Creme d'Nude). If I have time I'll stop by the Sephora store next door and try to locate some of the lipsticks in there as well (is there any lipsticks at Sephora you'd like swatches of?).

09-28-2008, 11:33 PM
To pale out my lips for Gaara (http://www.cosplay.com/photo/1460833/) I just used a chapstick and a little bit of powder foundation on top... I didn't have any issues at all with it moving around or anything... ^^;;;

11-20-2008, 10:08 PM
I should have posted sooner. I bought Creme d'Nude and it's gorgeous, it tones down my lip color but it leaves a slight glossy look to my lips. It's so flattering.

Also found another lovely thing. there are smudgeproof and waterproof pencil liners.

I tested out the Blue With Green Highlights 12L on my lips for 12 hours and I only had to touch up once. I have to say wearing the dark green shade all day was freaky looking in the mirror, but I'm so impressed with it's stay power. I won't be wearing 12L on my lips again anytime soon but it definitely get my thumbs up for an all over body makeup item and I'll be buying a purple shade for the future.

11-27-2008, 01:53 PM
Another company has Visual Kei inspied lip-gloss for sale, the owner is an addict. I can't beleve I didn't post this sooner. :lost:

The colours I tested are here (http://i24.photobucket.com/albums/c34/ani_bee/makeup/LipLusters.jpg)
Where to buy

Because they are a gloss there are not as long lasting as a lip pencil but I love MY TOI! The small size is $2.50 so the perfect price for a budget and shipping is $2 or free after you spend $25 to the US and Canada. Their eyeshadows gorgeous are as well but you need to buy an eyeshadow base like Urban Decay Primer Potion or Too Faced Shadow Insurance since they are loose and have no binders. But the colour selection is insane and the sample sizes are good for 5 times use so again a good deal for those cosplay colours that you will not wear other wise. :bigtu:

03-18-2010, 10:08 AM
Morgana mineral started to make vegan-lipsticks about a year ago and has amassed a huge collection of colour almost every shade in the rainbow. She dose formulate these.


These are the ones I own currently (some of the shades where discontinued)

Me wearing Venom here.

I have Cauldron as well but I'm not a fan of big chunky glitter she uses in that one. but I don't like feeling glitter my my lips, it looks cool though.

I also have Spellbound which is a beautiful steel blue.

The only draw back to these is they will stain your lips if you don't prime them with something first. You can remove it with a makeup remover however. The lasting power is really good just keep the tube or sample bag with you for touch ups.

You can also post a request for a shade in her forum.

She also sells a Lip primer called Lip Fix Neutralizer that acts as a neural canvas as well. made bay another company so you might be able to find it else where.

The photo's not great but the nuralizer is a petal pink on my lips.