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Eurobeat King
09-28-2008, 10:48 PM
Hey everyone,

Now that Yaoi-Con 2008 is over, please reply and give your thoughts on this year's con. Stuff like:

Did you like the con? :) Or not so much? :(

What were some of the highlights for you or disappointments?

If you attended Y-con last year, what was different this year that made it better or not as good as 2007?

And.. will you return next year in 2009 or not?

Your input is appreciated. :)

09-29-2008, 12:24 PM
alright, i LOVED yaoi con. i was a little sad there wasnt more yaoi. but really, is there ever enough? i think it would have been fun if there were more yaoi activities. i know there was a 'pose off' though i wasnt able to stay long enough for it unfortunately.

i think we should go old school and look at some of our childhood games to see how far we can twist them. Yaoi twister anyone? I know those who played yaoi scrabble had tons of fun.

highlights: the con didnt die until late. my friends and i were out having fun until 3 a.m. saturday and there were plenty of people to socialize with and keep us occupied. i loved not feeling like it turned into a ghost town at night.

dissapointments: attendance seemed low... i imagined that it would be heavily attended, crowds of people everywhere. maybe people were just spread out, but it felt as if there should have been more people. maybe with a little more advertising it would have been more populated. i plan on telling everyone i know about yaoi con and urging everyone to come with me next year to make sure i do my part to bring a little more party to the place!

i certaintly hope to return next year. i loved how the dealers room was so well supplied with yaoi! searching for the good stuff wasnt hard at all!

09-29-2008, 03:56 PM
I think people were sort of spread out, because there seemed to be a ton of people gathered in one place for the main events ticketing and auction.

I loved the con, and it was my first time attending this event. It was outstanding. I wish I would have bought more stuff. Haha.

There was some great stuff in the dealer's room - TONS of manga. I wish there had been a larger assortment of merchandise, though... more yaoi merch that wasn't manga (Where were the big surprise buttsecks pins?! I only saw one inch ones!). More doujinshi would have been nice, too, though I wasn't able to attend Friday, so I missed the swap meet. No clue if more was there.

Major highlights? The auction. I thought the auction was absolutely amazing. There were some great cosplayers, too (and I regret not taking more pictures!).

Disappointments? The hotel was too small for this event. The panel rooms filled far too easily, and I think the main stage is too small for big events like the masquerade and bishie auction. The MC at closing ceremonies (I don't remember her name...) stood at the front of the stage the whole time. I was pretty annoyed at that. >.< Also... main events ticketing. Two lines merging into one big one? That was absolutely ridiculous. It means that a lot of us that were lined in the halls ended up behind other people who were there later because it wasn't clear where the line was. I think that... wasn't so great.

But all things considered, I still enjoyed myself immensely and will DEFINITELY be returning next year. For the whole weekend next time. ^_^

09-29-2008, 07:42 PM
I enjoyed the con but it was kind of missing something....... I felt like last year was more fun for me.

Disappointment: Masquerade went pretty short even there was few skits than last year (should of entered wit something) plus it didn't felt that lively like last year. I could of wish the location should move into a bigger place because of the masquerade ticket and bishonen auction and so on. I could of done more wit the dance.

I'm hoping it'll improve again next year and I'm gonna attend next year!

Yukari Kaiba
09-29-2008, 07:49 PM
was my third time going this year and I loved it! Dealer's room had some awesome stuff, fan market was great too. Didn't really see any panels, but I went to the Masquerade (kinda disappointed that it seemed really short, but i loved the Pokemon skit and Koi Cosplay's skit XD) and the Auction (which was AMAZING <3).
dislikes - the huge monster of a line to GET IN LINE to get main event tickets DX and the fact that it ended up winding around in and out of the hotel, going outside in the heat...ugh yeah didn't like that so much. but thats pretty much my only gripe about the con, everything else was super special awesome =D definitely going to be making a return for 2009.

09-30-2008, 12:02 AM
Awww Yaoi-con 2008...

Well it was my first Yaoi-con with a few other fresh meats, but we also had seasoned veterans allowing us to tag along. I didn't see way to many events and only went to part of bishi-bingo, the dance, and half a panel, but I did have a lot of fun!

Likes: I did enjoy the fact that there wasn't an OVERWHELMING amount of things to do- I actually got to kick back and relax! I could go see a few things here and there, visit some friends, and not have to run out without sleep or food just so I could get to something else on time. The lax environment was lovely- more mature (for the most part) and comfortable audience made the days fun ^_^

Dislikes: The panel rooms were a little bit small to try and fit everyone in, and the lines (though I was lucky enough to not have to stand in them) seemed really.. REALLY long o.o I was worried I'd end up staying in one. The booklet we had was also a little bit confusing with the stray paper containing all of the events- it would have been nicer with the events listed with exact times and locations in the book...

Other then that, I had a blast! I look forward to next year! (I'm already having con blues T.T)

Dark Masters
09-30-2008, 04:06 AM
This Con was actually my favorite con I've ever been to, and really not into Yaoi at all :) The crowd is amazing, as well as the events, I'm sure. Getting there late on Friday got my buddy Sexy Kakashi and I a little down, but we made up for our late start be auditioning for the Bishounen Auction, and, in our first year at Yaoi-con, were accepted into the Bishounen auction. Much of the time on Saturday was spent in Bishi Haven (Thanks to Cypher[spelling?] for that :) ) Or choreographing and practicing our skit, but we still met some AMAZING people. After the Auction, we had more fun that night with our new friends, and Sunday was a great day to wind down and meet more new people. Sunday Kakashi and I helped host the Bishounen Brunches (only 2 and 3, due to sleeping in on accident), and then visited the "Yaoi Positions" panel, and participated as the first male pair to try a position. WE were met there with great enthusiasm, and the crowd even stayed around after the panel to voice their joined opinion of the convention on our pod-cast (coming soon). We stayed up through most of Sunday night with another group of people we met, and more fun was had by all. The Bishi's all became fast friends, I believe, and I can't wait to see them all next year, if not sooner at another convention!

Dislikes: Honestly, This is the only convention I can't really find anything to complain about. The lines may have been long, but I honestly didn't realize, as I was never in one. The location is great, even with driving 6 hours to get there :)

To all of those who got one of my cards, please, email me soon, and to those of you I had fun with at the various events and parties, you're all some of the most amazing people I've met, and I hope to see you again :D!

09-30-2008, 06:33 AM
This was my first time attending Yaoi con and although I'm not too much into Yaoi I just loved it!!! This convention is amazing, the attendees, great location for photo shoots, nice and relaxed hotel. The staff was very attentive, rooms nice and clean. Not too much noise anywhere, the events are just fine and they run smooth.
The only thing is that on Friday the convention should start earlier, when I noticed everything was going to start until 7pm I told myself can this count as day 1?
Other than that I will definitely come back next year, I enjoyed so much is one of the conventions I have ever attended!

09-30-2008, 06:14 PM
Sorry if this seems like a paste from what I posted on their official forums but seeing how their entire forum/site has been taken down, I suppose it would be worthwhile to post here as well~

The Good:

1. Lots of great common area space for hanging out in the hotel lobby, no problems with hotel staffers - I admire them for putting up with us crazy con folk.

2. One of the best, if not the best masquerade the con has ever had - lots of entertaining skits which were well thought out. Cid did a great job as announcer- kept the show moving and was entertaining. The halftime "draw the mystery object" game was fun to watch and creative.

3 Saturday night dance played some great music this year, made it hard to take a break!

4. Video game room had an excellent DDR setup (though the space blocking made it difficult to play double or on the left side) Afterburner dance pads rock!

5. Dealers room stayed open til 5 on Sunday. Most other cons would have shut down earlier. Closing ceremonies also happened for later, helping keep the party alive a bit longer.

The Bad:

1. The line for "tickets" for main events was a disaster. At this convention it is assumed that just about all the attendees are definitely going to want to attend the auction and/or masquerade - so providing a more than big enough room should go without saying. It was burned into the minds of all attendees that they would not be able to get into these main events without a ticket. The line for the line formed hours before distribution and ended up snaking around and inside of the hotel, then was eventually moved outside the hotel and into the hot sun - at which time the people in the front of the line somehow ended up iin the BACK of the line. Outside in the sun, we were not-so politely told to stay off the road and stay hydrated so that we WOULDN'T DIE - and that due to the size of the line we still wouldn't be guaranteed to get in. Adding more stupidity was that you had to wait in the SAME LINE in the hot sun regardless if you wanted to see AMV or the auction. Hardly anyone wanted AMV tickets so was totally unfair for those who wanted just that to have to wait those hours for those who wanted to go to the auction. I stuck it out though, and went through the line all *3 times* to get the complete set of stickers, only to find out that it didn't even matter. I walked into all 3 events without so much as a check to see if I had a ticket sticker. There were even seats available... it is the ticket system itself that created the paranoid feeding frenzy and huge lines due to inflated demand. The afternoon ticket line was completely unnecessary, and all that time and energy of the attendees and staffers would have been saved if the events were approached with more flexibility in mind.

*Cosplay relevant!*
2. Masquerade registration/sign up. On Saturday I asked the information desk when and where masquerade sign ups were. I asked multiple people at the desk and NO ONE KNEW. I asked if there was anyone that did know said maybe main reg knew. I went down to main reg and they did not know anything about masquerade but said that the people handing out tickets to the events might know, so I ran around for awhile and found them - Those staffers told me that it was no problem for me to enter, and they were short on acts and just to show up on the art show balcony at 5pm. Cool.

Went to the balcony at 5pm wondering where the masq reg people were and I was promptly told that I was too late and that it was at noon or something and that others who showed up at the balcony were turned away too and I couldn't be let in, EVEN IF I WAS IN THE RIGHT. Wait. WHAT? If others were turned away, doesn't this mean that there is a PROBLEM and that maybe this should have been looked into more before turning them away? As an audience member, the masquerade was short and there did not appear to be any reason whatsoever to deny entries.

Personally it wasn't a big deal for me since I didn't have anything extravagant planned but.. what if I did? ...and what about the others who wanted to be in it too? It was still really annoying to do all that running around, only to be rejected because of the sheer lack of information and miscommunication. FAIL.

3. Video game room monitors were full of FAIL. These monitors were small, looked horrible and suffered from insane display LAG. What this means is that if something happens in the game, because the monitor has do signal processing, the player does not get to see it until half a second later. This makes just about every type of game popular at a con - music games and fighting games VIRTUALLY UNPLAYABLE. Some music games have a setting to help fix this but most do not, and they are hard to implement or apply in a con situation where games are reset, changed, and shut down on a continual basis.

I asked the staff where the monitors came from and why they were being used and I was told that "Yaoi Con bought them". Even the staffers seemed aware that they were not good for gaming. For gaming, TUBE TV's are preferred because 90% of all popular games are on systems that output in Composite, S-Video, or Component video. So-called HDTV's, even ones that say they have "fast response time" are full of crap because they don't take their signal processing into account. 5ms, which is bad to begin with, turns into 20ms or more. The processed signal looks horrible and interlaced, with horizontal banded lines instead of a solid picture. People may say that Xbox 360's and PS3's will work better on them - but it isn't by much, and the tech on that generation of LCD was obsolete and inferior even when it was created. Next year, it may be better to use hotel tube tvs or go back to a system of having equipment brought by gamers themselves. I do feel bad because if the con spent their money on these, its a ripoff to everyone involved.

Smartly, the DDR was running on the only tube TV in the room, making it a pretty good setup.

4. No lighting system at the dance. Seriously... there were no lights and you couldn't really see anything! I guess I'd take good music over lighting but it was to the point where I couldn't recognize my friends easily and I was worried about stuff being stolen from me while dancing blind.

(continued in next post)

09-30-2008, 06:17 PM
5. The closed doors for all the event rooms from main events to panels to video gaming... Not sure why this policy was instituted but it made some of the events less inviting and harder to "just take a peek" to see if it would be something of interest. I did think that having the "WERE OPEN COME ON IN" signs were a good idea. But if one is in a shy mood, its kinda hard to do thinking everyone on the other side of the door will eat you or something...

6. Although Susan has approached me personally to address this and apologize, I feel it should be mentioned. During the closing ceremonies raffle I was observed by a staffer, then singled out and told that I could not do any video recording. While I was aware you couldn't record the bishie auction the day before (which I had not done), never once was it said that the raffle couldn't be videotaped. Also, I saw other people videotaping but they weren't being watched like I was, nor did this staffer STAY to shut down other people who were doing this, and I can bet you that more than a few cameras were recording the 14 hit bishie spank combo at the end. Getting hassled at a con is the one thing that can leave a bad bad impression, and after the other problems, this was a horrible way to end the con for me. Susan later told me that it should have been okay to tape the raffle, I should not have been shut down, and that it was a miscommunication. I really do appreciate her going her way to tell me that, and hopefully all concerns can be addressed with such care.

I'd like to point out that the "no videotaping the auction" policy started last year bugs me a LOT. I myself was a former bishie for at least a couple of years. I've been told that its to "protect the bishies".. but yet during the years that I did it, it was perfectly okay to videotape. I'm totally fine with my stuff being out there for all the world to see - I know about the internet, I know what I was getting myself into when I did it, and I'm sure other people do too if they are going to bust it out for the auction. Why the change and double standard? Protect *these* bishies.. but not *those* bishies? I *never* felt violated when I was being taped, but *their rule change* makes me feel like I should feel violated, and that today's bishies are somehow of a higher standard to them.

I think that if its really up to the bishie if they want it recorded or not... then recording should be ALLOWED by default, but if a specific bishie does not want to be recorded, there should be an announcement before the performance, much like how people have to turn off their cameras during the hollywood premieres at Comic-Con. It works and people will respect that on a more personal level, and security wouldn't always have to wonder if someone is doing stills or video.

7. Lack of any kind of feedback system, or communication with attendees. I've noticed this is one of the few cons with no feedback session, no after-con gripe, no venue for constructive criticism. There is not even a section for con feedback on their own forums (which mysteriously vanished in its entirety today, after a feedback thread was created)

I can't tell if criticism simply hasn't happened yet, there is just no place for it, or if its been banned and outlawed there. Feeling like there's no place to give feedback has made me uncomfortable in the past, but this year I felt the problems were such that I really ought to say something. I've felt that Yaoicon is insanely successful, makes crazy amounts of money from auctions and raffles.. and yet.. does not have any real reason or motivation to improve or fix problems because the gimmick is what keeps people coming back. People go to Yaoicon not because its GOOD, but because its YAOICON - thats not to say that Yaoicon isn't or hasn't been good - but it is disconcerting to me that even if catastrophic problems happen, there's no consequence - people will still attend anyway - and that may be why a venue for feedback is not provided. I hear a lot of criticisms in private but in public it almost seems like people are AFRAID to talk...

I've gone to EVERY single Yaoicon and supported it from the start - I have many happy yaoi memories, but its really not what it used to be. Yet, I don't think it will ever "die" because of its unique financial gimmicks.

I might still go next year. It depends on what venue they announce, and if they decide to address the problems of this year's show. I'd like to see some discussion or insight from their end as to what happened, and what may be planned to help make next year a better experience. This post meant as constructive criticism. Thank you for your time in reading this, and if anyone else has experiences to share, PLEASE.. lets hear them!

Eurobeat King
09-30-2008, 08:31 PM
Taking a break from posting pictures, so i thought i would give a little feedback of my own to my experience at Yaoicon this year.

Overall, I really enjoyed this year, my 8th year in-a-row (since the beginning!) at Y-con. Since I was mainly taking pictures of cosplayers throughout the weekend, my con consisted of walking around the hotel. Nice weather, seeing friends, and taking pictures made a good combo for all 3 days. :)

I'm glad I didn't participate in the Swap Meet this year, and reading the info regarding it on the website helped. Learning that you couldn't reserve a table but had to wait in-line to get a table, and people would be allowed to line-up after 2:30pm, with people waiting in that corridor leading to the Courtyard even earlier, seemed to be too much time. And 3:30-5:30pm is too short (and too early) for people to be there and buy stuff from those selling. Granted it was busy when things got rolling, but at 3:30pm the sun was still blazing and I felt sorry for those selling stuff to have them standing in the heat.. Plus the tables seemed pretty cramped together and not as many tables were provided like last year. Trying to get through to look at each table seemed impossible because of the amount of people in the area.

And, when the event was over, I saw some VHS tapes on one table, and they were "fansubs" of Kodomo no Omocha, and correct me if i'm wrong, but aren't those "bootlegs" or not allowed to sell? I later saw them in the trash-can with other English-dubbed licensed-VHS tapes, but still..

That's all I have to say for now, but I'll write more next time. :) I still enjoyed my time this year!

09-30-2008, 08:53 PM
I always enjoy my time at Yaoi Con and I've really gotten to love the San Mateo location. The hotel is gorgeous, there are tons of photoshoot opportunities on-site as well as around the area. The hotel staff are amazingly polite, prompt and accommodating! Plus there is all sorts of delicious food downtown <3

Mirai Noah
09-30-2008, 11:05 PM
Outside in the sun, we were not-so politely told to stay off the road and stay hydrated so that we WOULDN'T DIE

Yeah, I had a great time at this year's Yaoi-Con, but I did not like the ticketing system. Last year's ticketing system was better. When the lines were combined and sent outside and one of the staff members said that we should have had water bottles with us, it wasn't funny, because I was seriously suffering from the heat, in the, "I'm going to pass from heat exhaustion" sense. It would have been nice to have know about that before the line was sent outside. I ended up get getting a ticket for the auction, but didn't even get a ticket for the AMVs because I wasn't going back outside and just entered late for that. I later got a ticket of the cosplay contest from the info booth. I also didn't like the way the seating was done for the auction. Because of the way it was done, people in the ticketing groups after mine got better seats, and I didn't get to sit with my friends.

But as I said, I did have fun. The events themselves were great, as well as the dealers room, and I love the location. I hope they continue to have the con at the Marriott.

10-01-2008, 12:26 AM
Mmm... Chris. Videotaping at auction hasn't been okay at least since I've been performing in it. Never. It's always been a forefront issue and has drawn complaints every year but it really is a privacy issue for those of us who are in it. There's a far difference between a picture on somebody's photobucket and a video on youtube, after all. The latter has just way too much potential of putting our livelihoods outside of con life in danger and that's just one of very many valid reasons why videotaping auction has not been allowed at least since '03. Your concerns are very valid, of course, but that one, in particular, is nothing new. I know that I, personally, breathe a sigh of relief knowing that one of my students won't do just a little googling and find a shot of me in a bustier and hot-shorts online by pure luck.

lotus seed
10-01-2008, 02:09 AM
Love the library. That is by far the coolest feature of Y-con for me, and it seems pretty unique also. I also liked the panel on homosexuality/homoeroticism in Edo-period Japan. It was very informative, and the speaker was excellent. You don't get topics like THAT at other cons!

Yeeeeah, is there any way to simplify the line and ticket system for the masquerade/auction/ AMV? Seems like people have to put out an enormous amount of effort to do things like watch a skit - or even put on a skit, for that matter. But that's something everyone else said before me. I actually didn't plan to go to those events because the lines were crazy - however I really REALLY wanted to see the AMVS at the AMV redux scheduled (and then cancelled!) for Sunday.

So - why wasn't it played? It seemed to have been canceled very last minute, to the point where many, many staffers didn't even know it happened. The AMV's are made of pure win, and I believe they should get replayed as a matter of course at the next Y-con.

10-07-2008, 01:00 PM
For my first Yaoi-con I actually enjoyed myself. The events were funny to see but I will never forget the fist act from the masquerade mostly due to how for some reason my mind equated one of the performers as looking like Velma and then saying outloud - "Jeenkies I smell a mystery."

Met some of the people behind the con and some of the Bishounen while they weren't being sold off or groping one another. Bunch of chill guys ya.