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07-14-2003, 02:24 PM
Hello. ^^ I'm planning on doing a Mana costume for Fanime 2004 and rather than slacking off until the last minute (like I did for my Risky one), I want to get a head start on this one because well...it looks pretty tootin' hard. I have a few questions about it, though.

-First off, is this outfit from a particular song? I've seen numerous pictures, not only just Mana, but of Yu~ki and Kozi too that entail this costume. I'm guessing it's pre-Klaha era as well.

-Secondly, does anyone know of a good place for shoes? I don't mind walking around in those type. ^^

-What color is his hair exactly for this costume? I've sorta narrowed it down to dark purple and blue-purple.

-Any additional tips for this? It's going to be a hard one and I think I need all the help I can get. ^.-

Thankfully, I have enough pictures to fully do this outfit justice. Thanks everyone!

Also: Does anyone know if there is a way to order items off of the BABY, THE STARS STARS SHINE BRIGHT (www.babyssb.co.jp) website? ^_^

07-15-2003, 03:46 AM
Try Pinup Girl Clothing for the shoes:


07-15-2003, 01:40 PM
This is one of Mana's Bara no Seidou dresses (and my dream dress). You can see it in the live at Budakan. This is later day MM with Klaha. Unless you have a friend in Japan, you can't get Babyssb clothing ^^;;, but there are other stores and a thread that lists them in the Music forum. As crazy as it sounds, this is fairly simple. You can alter a high-neck Victorian blouse pattern (Try Simplicity costume patterns .. don't know the #). You need a few layers of crinoline for that fullness below the lace. I'd say the hair is a deep blue ^^.

07-15-2003, 05:10 PM
Hey for the shoes I seriously recommend this site for platform height accuracy. http://www.jadedminx.com/sexyshoes.html The Prince style is totally acurate aside from the missing ankle strap but you could make one yourself and it's cheaper than The ones Pinupclothing. Those you'd have to sacrifice the height and pay more.

07-17-2003, 09:36 PM
Wow...thanks for the help all, specially with the costume pattern. ^^

07-19-2003, 12:07 AM
if you need more reference for it you might wanna download the sakai no chi to bara video, though i dunno how much that would actually help considering how dark the video is. as far as the hair goes, i'd first try to suggest seeing how much you can do with your own hair before you ever consider buying a wig (same with any costume). the hair is... well that depends on which photo shoot. i have several pics of mana in that outfit and his hair color seems to be anywhere from dark blue-black to a dark brown with streaks of blue and black. it's just a big mess in some pics.
i'd suggest the blue-black. if your hair is long enough i'd suggest using ponyfalls. you can get some at www.ragdolly.com or if you prefer a wig, i'd suggest going here:

her wigs are probably the best i've seen in quite some time, and reasonably priced too. anything else? oh yes, makeup! ive seen too many mana costumes just not look right due to makeup inaccuracies, look into this:

07-19-2003, 04:15 PM
I've found that http://www.electriqueboutique.com has the cheapest plats. I bought my Mana shoes elsewhere for $70, then found them here for $30 >_>

Sapphire Mana
07-20-2003, 01:55 PM
http://store.sewingtoday.com/cgi-bin/butterick/shop.cgi?s.item.3417=x&TI=10013&pageNum=1&M=&UK=20091566 is a good reference for the top. The fouth one is nearly exact. You'd need to make the bell sleeves seperate, I think

also, you'll need a petticoat for the fluffiness of the skirt. The site that I got mine from currently isn't carrying the one I got, but from what I hear making them isn't too difficult. ^^ If my back didn't hurt so badly, I'd look up a pattern for you ^^

The hardest thing for me was the laces x.x;;; all those laces...I think I can find clear pictures of them, I can either send them over AIM, or upload them to a subfolder of my site. whichever would be easiest ^^ But yes, this is Saikai no Chi to Bara (Reunion of Blood and Roses)...it's totally instrumental and was dedicated to Kami. This was before Klaha was an established member, I think. ^.^ Hope I helped!


07-20-2003, 04:11 PM
=p Here are a bunch of pics of the Sakai dress, with the other Seidou outfits. Enjoy. But once again I have to say watch the Budakon live because you can see the full perspective of Mana's dress in it.

07-21-2003, 11:11 AM
to answer your Baby the Stars... question. um i don't think they take overseas orders, but Metamorphose (sp?) now does and they sell similar clothing and they have english (well in some cases engrish, but who cares). i've heard of ordering things thru trading companines, but i don't know how that works. good luck on your costume!

07-21-2003, 11:57 PM
I've been wanting to do a white and red version of that dress for the longest time now.


07-24-2003, 02:17 AM
Wow...so many responses....this is great! XD

I really appreciate the support...considering that I'm starting this costume almost a year before it will debut, I want it to look great.

Any pictures of jewelry would help as well although I've seen some websites that easily sell the earings and the sort.

I've seen some pictures with him wearing a type of coat over the initial outfit with a purse but I'm not sure if it's the same thing or not. He seems to wear that hairstyle a lot. :D

camuigackt - Thanks for the make-up guide! That was probably going to be one of the hardest aspects, as well!

cutekawaii - What would a mana be without shoes? The website you linked has a nice selection, and they aren't too expensive either. ^_^ My only question is if you have ordered from them before...I want to make sure that the heels are durable. I'm extremely skinny and very clumsy. -_-;

Sapphire Mana - That pattern is WONDERFUL! I looked everywhere for one, thanks a ton! The fourth one looks the best to me, as far as that extravagent neck piece goes. Feel free to IM me, I'd really appreciate it if you can. XD

Kaede - Oo, lots of pictures. See, initially, I picked this outfit because there are literally tons of pictures for it and I wanted something that I could make a good copy of. Thanks again, Kaede. ^_____^

chai_fiend - Oo, that sounds awesome. I think the whole process of designing a visual-kei outfit would be easier if we could buy the pieces, ya know?

Apsara - Yeah, it's such a kewl outfit...he looks so regal and reformed...such a beautiful man. :D

Thanks again everyone!

Sapphire Mana
07-29-2003, 06:12 AM
*^^*!! Glad to help!!

I've added you to my AIM list *^.^*


08-02-2003, 04:01 PM
Hey, who wants to help with *my* Mana costume XD

I'm planning on doing this [http://blackmadonna.250free.com/8060-28936.jpg] dress thing of Mana's..

- What video/song/whatever is this from?
- Does anybody have any other pictures of this dress?
- What shoes are most appropriate with this outfit [as the picture doesn't show the shoes.. I figure I'll have to make it up unless I get an actual picture] please keep in mind I'm 5'10" and I *NEVER* wear high heels so something a little bit lower would be nice because I'd rather not kill myself/others because of my shoes!
- I originally thought this dress was satin-y .. but someone mentioned that it was pleather.. and I'm not really sure which one it is? I only have a month left before the con [less!] and I would much rather make/buy a satin dress than a pleather one!

I think that's it for now..

Any help?

Cyber Wolf
08-02-2003, 05:40 PM
*answered her first question on the BAAF boards* ^^

-I don't have any other pics of the dress but you might want to look here: http://www.rakuten.co.jp/moi-meme-moitie/100096/
The item he's wearing is one of his original desogns so maybe browsing on his page might turn up something similar? ^^ The skirt part looks like it has that cross pattern all around though.

- I would suggest platform mary janes. But if you want some thing lower you can take a look at these sites:

-It's definetly pleather, has that certain sheen related to it. But it's up to you what you make it out of. ^^ (To bad you don't live in the NYC, I could have given you the address to a store that sells pleather for $5 a yard *_*)

08-02-2003, 05:49 PM
Gah, thanks for your help.

Pleather! Bah.

Unfortunately I live about two and a half hours outside of the city.. I'm only coming down for the con. Now I really do hope I can find these pieces somewhere!