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freya willia
10-03-2008, 06:45 PM
I did do a search on this topic, but since the words “photoshoot” and “location” come up a lot it wasn’t very helpful. I have a feeling its been discussed before - sorry, I haven't been here long.

What I am wondering is from the majority of photographers out there, in regards to historical places in particular, how often do people schedule a photoshoot with a location and how often do you just “show up” somewhere?

When I did my photoshoot in the Elizabethan Gardens it was kind of a drag doing paperwork. However I am certain they would not have let me in, unannounced, in a costume and with a camera. There were also several statues and things I had to swear I would not include in my photos.

If other people have had positive and or negative experiences just “showing up” I would be curious to hear them. Sometimes places also make you pay a fee if you are a “professional” photographer. I would not consider myself a professional by any means, so I’d really rather avoid that if I could.

I also realize rules depend from place to place – but I’m interested in hearing about other historic locations too, especially ones people have found which are more “relaxed” about photography.

10-03-2008, 11:29 PM
Well if its a public place its free game however if you are going to setup studio lights or a tripod that may be a tripping hazard or in the way of traffic you may need approval or permit for it. Private property you just have to work it through the owner, most people ive delt with when I want to do a shoot have been good about it allowing me to do my shoot its a case by case basis.

Tenchi Fan
10-04-2008, 12:02 AM
There are many ways that people are considered professional. If someone is paid to take your photo the photographer could be considered a professional. Usually the location wants their share; either to maintain the location, inconvience of other patrons, etc. Paperwork usually has to be done for insurance/liability issues. People like to sue :(

Best thing to do is call the place and ask them nicely and follow all rules. Go as far as asking them rules that signs or that they haven't covered; as people are not mind readers. Be courteous to other patrons.

I work at a location in which cosplayers have visited to take pictures and there's usually no problems. Photographers don't bring a ton of equipment that blocks the paths and we don't have complaints about them. Usually only a couple of people so it's no big deal. Sometimes we have to yell at people for climbing things, but it's not to often.

Can not sew
10-05-2008, 12:43 PM
Hm... I guess no matter where you are, the safest bet is to call and ask. For example, in Kingston, Ontario, on one of those "come see what university is like so you aren't screwed when highschool is over" things, I had the bright idea to come back when I'm old enough and just take photos around town. My friend beside me in class piped up to say 'FORT HENRY STAFF IS PISSY ENOUGH WHEN YOU AREN"T TAKING PICTUES!'
So we learned quickly to call and ask (I had a bit of a spat with one of the tour guides at fort henry...)