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07-14-2003, 09:28 PM
I have no where else to post this because elitist rock music forums scare me and im sure people who love the pixies are already aware of this. But god, i don't know whether to be excited or scared for them if this does come true :P The hole frank black and kim deal issue makes me a bit skeptical. I won't get my hopes up.

from pitchforkmedia.com

"On the heels of the reissuing of virtually their entire back catalog, The Pixies, that most upstanding of classic late 80s/early 90s alternative rock bands (who I'm sure need no introduction here) may be just a few baby steps away from a full-fledged reunion. Pixies frontman Frank Black (formerly known as Black Francis, for those who may have needed to ask) recently said in an interview with London radio station XFM that the group has been getting together every once in a while to play informally.

Black isn't 100% sold on the idea; he told the station, "I do dream about the Pixies reunion... It's like those schoolboy dreams when you don't do your homework and you don't study for the test, but I'm at the gig and we're hanging out, but it's an utter failure and I don't know the songs, and hardly anyone turns up for the gig and people walk out. That's what I'm afraid of, that it'd be a big, big failure."

Despite Black's hesitation, he does admit that the Pixies "do get together and have private jams together, but not for public consumption." It's a huge step, considering the well-publicized bad blood between Black and second singer/bassist Kim Deal. It was this tension that originally split up the band in 1993, leaving Deal to form The Breeders with sister Kelley. Black's confirmation that the original line-up of himself, Deal, guitarist Joey Santiago, and drummer David Lovering still play together is a big step toward the band overcoming their past difficulties and reforming for a tour-- or possibly a new album."


07-16-2003, 03:34 AM
I like their music.

07-16-2003, 09:14 AM
OH MY FRIGGIN SANTA CLAUSE! I hope this is true. The Pixies are incredible. Just incredible.

"You think I'm dead, but I'll sail away-ay-ay-ay-ay on a wave of mutilation..."