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Leggs Diamond
10-06-2008, 12:28 PM
Ok so I'm working on a rather intense Starcraft Ghost cosplay group. . . but I need some advise.

I'm working on 4 costumes. .

A Male Ghost:
A red female Ghost
and Kerrigan:

I'm pretty good on most of the elements of the costumes but I'm having a little trouble with the whole light up thing. . .

I was thinking some kind of LED wire for the lower glowing bits. . but I'm not sure it will be bright enough to shine through the raised bit on the armor. . and I'd really like it to be a solid light the way it is in the pictures instead of multiple small lights. The wire needs to be something I can stitch into the body suit. . . but the lights under the raised parts of the armor can be separate.

does anyone have any suggestions?