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Raiji Magiwind
10-16-2008, 12:02 AM
Welcome cosplayers. I have been talking with fellow cosplayers here and on the Youmacon Forums among the FF crowd, and am getting some interest for it, so I figured I'd make a separate thread for it.
We hosted a event this year at AWA, which actually went well with about 20 or so folks showing, though a few came late cause we had to move our location...
Some shots from the AWA 2008 one can be found in Cosplay.com Gallery: http://www.cosplay.com/gallery/m58945/
Check the AWA 2008 gallery and check out pages 4 and 5...which has a few of the shots I got with my camera..with the help of some of the people who came to take our pictures..

There is a set of plans to host a Gathering of the Turks on Saturday. The time is still TBA, but I am looking at Saturday morning around 10-11 am for the main gathering event. Locations for the gathering are also up in the air.

Day: Saturday Morning (UTG)/ Saturday Evening (SRG)
Time: TBA for both
-Current thoughts are 10-11am for the UTG and after the Masquerade sometime for the SRG

Plans for a second smaller set possibly around after the Masquerade are also in the works. This one though will strictly be Shin-Ra related, IE: official Turks and Rufus', as well as other Shin-ra employees.

So here's a little more on each...

"The Ultimate Turk Gathering" (UTG)
The Ultimate Turk Gathering is just that. It a gathering of anything and everything Turk. And for this one you don't have to be a actual FF Turk, but can be any character as a Turk. Basically you can come as a official Turk character or come dress as a Turk Inuyasha, Naruto, or Kadaj, etc. Basically to do a 'Turk Version' you just don a black suit (which you can acquire in a thrift store cheap if needed or borrow one), a black tie, or very dark colored one in most cases but there may be exceptions, and some sort of dress shoe, like a dress boot or loafer (in most cases). What makes the character the character is the props and wig, and other features that tell you what the character is (Basically the character in all there glory, just in a suit).
IE: A Turk Naruto would probably don a black suit and have the spiky yellow hair, a Leaf village headband, some kunai and stuff, and maybe a orange or blue tie....maybe even carry a cup of noodles for comedy...

Now the other gathering....

The "Shin-Ra Reunion Gathering" (SRG)
This is basically a gathering of any and all characters of the FF universe that have or do work for the Shin-Ra Electric Power Company. You would be dressed as the character as they where dressed when working for Shin-Ra, Basically this gathering would be the Turks, Rufus, Shin-Ra Scientists and Researchers, SOLDIER, Security Divisions and so on...
So basically characters included here but not limited too would be Cissnei, Cloud (in his SOLDIER uniform of Crisis Core), Kunsel, Zack, Angeal, Genesis, Hojo, Lazard, Turk Vincent, Grimoire Valentine, Lucretia, Reeve, Rude, Reno, Rufus, Elena, Tsung, Hollander, etc.... and so on.

So step on in and discuss. Help me gather some thoughts on what you want to see and so on. I will happily gather the masses if they want to, but I need to know what you have to say and such so I can make the best at organizing it.