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11-06-2008, 03:43 PM
Well, if your planning on coming, please think about making your hotel ressy's soon.
especially if you want a double so you can cram in a bunch of folks and save.

there's kind of a wierd reservation thing where the more we get sold, the more they will hold for us.
the less we sell early, the less they want to hold, cause they worry about us filling the place on our own.
I think we can all agree that with having 100% of the function space, if we can sell out the hotel rooms as well, we will have a very fun weekend.

11-30-2008, 06:59 PM
Since the Hotel seems to tell people different things about reservations depending on who happens to pick up the phone that day, I thought I would post a message from my Co-Chair, Marty Gear.

We are NOT out of rooms in our block and the hotel is NOT out of rooms
period. The con rate of $124/night + tax is contracted for from
Tuesday, April 28th through Tuesday May 5th, 2009. Anything else you
are being told is WRONG! Please, if you told anything different, email
me with the name of the individual that you spoke with, the dates,
number, and type of rooms that you want, and if you have made a
reservation, send me your confirmation number and I will get you what
you want at the correct pricing! Don't argue with idiots, that's my
job. Just give the information that I need to do it properly.

BTW, I just got back from Darkover con at the hotel and with the
exception of some restaurant problems which I will be working on, the
hotel was fine, the staff was helpful and friendly, and the con went off
very well. We are going to love this hotel once I take out and shoot
the numbskulls in reservations.

just letting you know we are on top of this