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12-01-2008, 01:24 PM
Hello, everyone! I come bearing gifts!

In late 2006, I decided to start a project to help out some fellow cosplayers: a big list of prop tutorials from the Sailor Moon genre. Well, a few months ago, I was able to finish that list and I moved on to Card Captor Sakura. As of this post, I have two tutorials up from that series and the list continues to grow. As of right now, I'm actually working on a commission from PGSM: Princess Sailor Moon's sword. As an added service to other cosplayers, I've decided to keep a very detailed log of how it's being made, so it can also be considered a tutorial of sorts. I have a series of links at the bottom of my tutorial page that will take you to all the LJ posts detailing that commission.

So, where can you find all these goodies?

Right here! (http://tsukinohime3.livejournal.com/316499.html)

If you have a question and are an LJ user, please use the above link to ask your question. If you are not an LJ user (or if you are and for whatever reason cannot ask there), you can ask here.

However, for the sake of others who are viewing this thread with a question in mind, I have only one request:
please put the name of the prop in the subject to make it easier for other users to find it, should they have a similar question. That should make it easier for them to search through the posts when using the search function. ^____^ Thank you!

And don't feel like you have to limit your questions to just the props I have listed in my tutorials. I probably haven't seen as many animes as some of you others here, much less the same ones you've seen. So, just post with a few good pictures and I'll see if I can take a crack at it. But I'll tell you now that I'm probably not going to have many answers when it comes to swords and big, highly decorative staffs. ^^;

07-30-2009, 06:00 PM
awesome! thanks so much!

08-21-2009, 10:22 AM
PGSM Heart Brooch

Hi, I saw all your tutorials and I have to say you are a genious! I always had ideas of using matieral like Model Magic, but never thought it would work out! BUt your tutorials are magnificent!!
I looked through your tutorials of all the brooches from the anime! Will you do more live action Sailor Moon series (PGSM) tutorials?! I'm leaning more to the Moon Stick (which is what they call the crescent moon wand)!

04-17-2011, 03:52 PM
I love your tutorials. I wanted to make the PGSM Princess Sailor Moon sword and I see that you did a prototype of it. I have all the steps, but Step 12-A. For some reason it's not coming up for me. Could you sent it to me so that I can learn on how you made this great prop. Thank you!