View Full Version : first cosplay. i want to cosplay eruka from Soul Eater

12-01-2008, 02:55 PM
so ya. this is my first cosplay. YAY! i decided i wanted to do one, because i waste half my life drooling over the ones i look for on google. and half the time they are from here. so i decided to sign up, and ask you amazeing people for adivce :3

anyways eruka is one of my favirote chacters, and even though i have no experience in this what so ever, she looks easier then the othre chacters ..

so this my refrence link: http://toolate.s7.coreserver.jp/gal/color/035/eruka_frog.jpg

i mostly need help with how to 1. find a poofy corderoy dress, and where to get the polkadots o.o 2. the hat...

also any estimate time frame owuld be great :3

also any advice on anything else IS VERY APPRICATED :D