View Full Version : Ouran Cosplay search (also, neko and L-deathnote- cosplay as well)

12-27-2008, 08:44 PM
Could anybody give me some suggestions on where to find an Ouran tie (for the uniform) and a black wig pre-styled/med-short length (whatever works best for both Nekozawa and an L (death note) cosplay)

and does anybody have suggestions on how to make it a neko cosplay? I have some big claw slippers, but my main trouble is with the ears. should I add ears to the cape and/or wear catears or one or the other? Also, does anybody know where to find cat ears that can withlast running and lots of movement?

some more about the wig:
-I DO have some hairclip catears that might work, does this sound like a good idea?
-Reccomendations on what to use to hold the wig when not in use (so it doesn't get ruined)
-And what do you reccomend helps keep the wig on so it doesn't fall off?

THANK YOU! :bigtu: I could really use the help!

12-27-2008, 11:22 PM
for the tie, maybe you can just get a black tie and sew some ribbon or bias tape to it.
as for the wig i think maybe the "always sexy" wig from amphigory? for nekozawa that is.
a punky for l.
if you want to use the same wig for both characters though, i have no clue. unless you want to cut and style an angela from cosworx.

for your other questions:
-cat ears? it'll stay probably. but what do you need them for?
-a wig head. a styrofoam one from a beauty store will only set you back about $4.
-hair pins. just pin your wig to your wig cap.

12-28-2008, 07:17 AM
well for the tie I really would actually like to buy one. And as far as a wig I think I might have found a good L one on ebay (work's perfect for both)

the cat ears are for my Neko-nekozawa cosplay I plan on doing, mostly because I already have some big black claw slippers that I can use instead of having to look for some dress shoes that would be kinda expensive and I would only wear them for my cosplay (most likely)

thanks for the help though, I still would need to find a tie though.

12-28-2008, 05:09 PM
oh! i get it now haha. okay no problem. good luck with the cosplay!