View Full Version : Calling All Nightmare Fans!

01-03-2009, 02:13 PM
Currently I am working on a Nightmare Before Christmas baseball team. So far, all I have is a Nightmares jersey from a store in Disney. I am hoping to get 8 other cosplayers for the Nightmares and then have 9 people start Oogie Boogies' team. I am hoping to have a baseball game some time during AZ between the two teams. The Nightmares are going to have their faces painted like a skeleton, hopefully the arms too. I am going to be betraying Jack Skellington, the captian and coach of the team. I may be a girl, but it will work! I wish to have Shock, Lock, and Barrel on Oogie Boogie's team. Then we will need a Boogie.
PLEASE help me get this cosplay together.