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Zephyr Rhapsody
07-23-2003, 09:14 PM
Zephyr's 2003 "Best of Anime Name That Tune Championship!"
at KATSUCON 2004 !!!!!!

Calling our previous winners!

1. Are you Chantal from Ohayocon?

2. Maybe you're that girl that won "Anime Name That Tune" in the freak blizzards of Katsucon 9.1 and won a private pizza party.

3. Could you be the Anime Boston victor?

But... what about Ikasucon? OTAKON? Anime USA? These conventions will all be hosting Zephyr's "Anime Name That Tune" game shows, and maybe more later in 2003.
However, what these all have in common is that EACH AND EVERY WINNER FROM THE PREVIOUS CONVENTIONS' GAMES ARE INVITED TO KATSUCON 2004 FOR THE "BEST OF 2004 CHAMPIONSHIP" for amazing fun and amazing prizes!
HUGE prizes and surprises will be just the beginning of this major event. Just because you're not a previous winner, doesn't mean you can't win prizes. There will be generous amounts of prizes given to audience members, as well as some Super Cool addictions for everyone that requests.
Confused? Then we're even!
The low-down is that this event will determine the BEST OF THE EAST COAST at Katsucon 2004 with amazing prizes and treats for everyone - from prizes to GUESTS! And once you go Super Cool, you never go back!

So come, join the audience and have fun. Better yet, venture to one of the aforementioned conventions and compete for your own seat at this historic event. This tournament is real. The prizes are realer. The fun is realest! My grammar is surreal!

(Also, all previous winners from above should respond to this posting to let me know where you are - especially that Katsucon 9.1 pizza girl. She kicked the llama's ass.)

- Corey
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