View Full Version : where can I find Red & White Show?

Maki Yu.Ki.Ame
07-25-2003, 03:45 AM
anyone has an idea where I can find the red & white show clips? (I actually wanna see the whole thing if possible). I'd try Winmx but it's so rare + my comp don't allow me to d/l Japanese songs...

07-25-2003, 07:59 PM
Do you have a Japanese store where you live? If you do, some stores offer videos for rental...I've rented Kohaku Utagassen(It's the Red & White show's Japanese title, in case you didn't know :) ) a couple times from my local store(not in a while, though-haven't been on that side of town >_<)

Maki Yu.Ki.Ame
07-25-2003, 10:01 PM
I know a store that has it, but I wanted to keep a copy of it but I cant copy VCR~~ ~>_<~