View Full Version : Metal Gear!

02-02-2009, 07:22 AM
How many Metal Gear cosplayers from the cosplay.com forums can we expect to see at Animazement?

I'll be MGS2/Brawl's Solid Snake, hopefully with the following props- model RPG-7, two cardboard boxes, Smash Ball, a crab Beanie Baby (Hopefully no one needs that explained to them XP), and perhaps a plastic Stun Knife. Even though MGS2 Snake is too lazy to perform CQC. =( Oh, and I also have a super secret awesome prop.

According to what I've gathered on the Animazement forums, we're expecting a MGS1 Snake, MGS 2 Snake (me!), MGS3 Naked Snake, Psycho Mantis, Sniper Wolf, Olga, Meryl, and EVA. And I'm pretty sure that we're looking at a Saturday meet-up, though this Snake will probably be around of the time, with the occasional switch into Pit.

And you know, if anyone's got a random Genome Soldier, Gurlukovich, Ocelot Unit, PMC, or other random enemy soldier uniform just lying around, you should totally bring it! A Snake Hunt sounds like a lot of fun. And it seems like you'll have at least three different Snakes to tail.

So how about it? Where are my fellow MGS fans? And don't be afraid to keep us updated on your progress with cosplays.