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09-28-2002, 09:35 PM
Is there a variation of Morrigan's costume with blue hair? And if so, what are the rest of her colors?

09-28-2002, 09:45 PM
Morrigan's hair is kinda blue-green....though more on the blue side, so I'm not quite sure what variation you're talking about.

Here's a bunch of pics of her though:

09-28-2002, 10:26 PM
I've seen a lot of alternate coloured morrigans... some where she has blonde hair oO; I think you can pretty much go with any colour so long as you adjust the costume colours too, but yeah, the 'default' colour is blue-green.

09-28-2002, 11:04 PM
Yeah...most of the blonde hair ones are fan-art. And I know in the video game the hair stays the same, just the costume changes colors. (This is if two people pick to play Morrigan at once. One is the black bodysuit with blue leggings and one is the black bodysuit with purplish-red leggings.) I believe the anime version has her with the purplish leggings, but it's been so long since I've seen it (and it was only one episode because I hated the dern thing)....I can't be positive.

And now I feel really pathetic for knowing Morrigan's game outfits without even looking it up. -_-;

09-29-2002, 05:07 AM
I had always thought it was like an aqua green...

I know she turns some funky colors in MvC2.. or is that just Cammy and Felicia?

09-29-2002, 05:17 AM
I remember in Vampire Hunter game that she had 7 diffrent colour schemes depending on which button you use to select her, there was the secret 7th colour that was two buttons at once or something...I really ougth to look that up....

I'm not sure if Vampire Saviour had the same colour schemes...

09-29-2002, 09:21 AM
There was a white variation at AWA this weekend! She was in the cosplay contest if you go look on fansview.

09-29-2002, 05:41 PM
lol that was Lander... a guy. It was funny too because when I saw him I told him I had been thinking of doing that variation a while back =p

but yeah in the game her hair color changes as well as her costume.

09-29-2002, 07:38 PM
lol, he made a great morrigan! XD

10-01-2002, 09:16 AM
> And I know in the video game the hair stays the same, just the costume changes colors.

Nope. There is a blonde-haired version in the first DarkStalkers game. I used to pick her all the time, because when she floated on the bats she made me think of Zoisite. ^___^

10-01-2002, 05:09 PM
On Pohket Fightah (Pocket Fighter) she has sea green hair as the original color. And her alternates are: Blonde, Baby Blue, and Albino Blonde (so blonde it's nearly white).