View Full Version : Seras from Hellsing Ultimate: Heeeelp!!!

02-16-2009, 03:17 PM
I am working on a yellow Seras Victoria cosplay (for Anime Expo 09 maybe?) and I have been running into some snags and I was wondering If the Nice people on the forums could lend me a hand. I need help with-
- gloves. I have the material I want to make them from and a pattern, but it's REALLY confuseing and I was wondering if anyone had better Ideas.
-Socks- Welovecolors vs Sock-dreams.com?
-Harkonnen color- is it a silver barel with brown stock or all black?
-Harkonnen scope- I think the body of my scope is about 1 1/2~2 inches and I cannot figure out how to put something lense-looking on it.....

any help is really appriciated!!

02-16-2009, 08:32 PM
I just went ahead and bought leather gloves for my Seras on e-bay. I hate making them, it's pretty difficult, for me anyways.

We Love Colors! Sock dreams is great but I have yet to get a pair of white thigh highs from them that I am satisfied with. The pair I got for OVA Seras were from Welovecolors =)

Cannon is silver in the OVA.

As for the scope you could just get a real one. But if you have one you've made that you are happy with then try getting some thin plastic and cutting it out with a knife for plastic and then putting it into the scope as your lens, I'd use something like super glue to hold it in place and then using a thin line a clear caulking that you smooth out to make sure that it stays in place. I can't really think of anything else to use, sorry, but I am sure there's other materials you can work with as well.

02-17-2009, 08:50 AM
I got my gloves quick from Welovecolors, elbow length men in brown since I couldn't find any leather ones that looked the way I wanted. I cuffed the end of them and sewed them in place with the button on her wrist cuff to keep it in place, looks great in photos and my hands don't get all sweaty like in leather gloves.

I got my tights from Sock Dreams, however, when I bought my Yoko ones. They're nice, but they roll down, a little spritz of hair spray on m thighs helps to keep them up, though. For ease, you could buy your gloves and the socks from Welovecolors, save some money on shipping :3