View Full Version : Need Product Review of specific Herocosplay Power Rangers Costume

Zodiac Ranger
02-18-2009, 03:00 PM
Alright, so I'm looking into purchasing a White Dino Ranger costume from Herocosplay, a website which custom-makes Power Rangers costumes, but I've reached an impasse. They offer two choices of visors, "see through plexiglass" and a plastic visor with holes, both the same price. I'd much prefer the plexiglass to the plastic, except I don't know for sure that a plexiglass visor would be the right color. The White Dino Ranger has a BRIGHT red visor (look at my avatar), unlike 99% of the other costumes the site makes, and the entire costume would be ruined if the visor wasn't the right color, and I'm worried that the visor would be CLEAR, which would be horrible.

The plastic visor with holes is definitely the correct color (I've talked to another user who bought the exact costume I'm buying, but he got it with the holes), but I'd definitely prefer the plexiglass if it would be an accurate color.

Does anyone know anything about plexiglass in general? I don't even know if it CAN be red or not.

If anyone has bought a plexiglass helmet from them (ESPECIALLY one with a red visor!) I would greatly appreciate hearing from you, or even if you just know something about plexiglass and Power Rangers costumes in general. Thanks for any help/advice!

02-18-2009, 05:57 PM
Plexiglass is plastic; it can be any number of colors. Have you asked the seller what color it is?

02-19-2009, 08:30 AM
2 sites can help you find a review of this. www.rangerboard.com look at the merchandise section and www.rangerprops.com. the holes arent that bad in terms of over all looks infact thats what stunt helms are. but holes can be a godsend in the summer months cause of lack of ventilation inside a ranger helm. i know for a fact i got 4 ranger costumes currently with all different configurations.