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02-20-2009, 12:05 AM
Well while making my cosplay for megacon 2009 I though, “Hey! Why not make a cute prop for my costume?” While sailor mars does not have amazing props I still though it would be cool to make one of the transformation wands? Well I searched high and low for tutorials on how to make them, though I found a few, nothing really worked for me. Everything was so technical for something that looked like a pen.
So I decided to just wing it and came up with a very simple way to make them.

Step 1: your materials.
You are going to need:
A fat sharpie
Molding clay- Either FIMO or sculpty
A rolling pin or similar object
A matte paint color
A metallic paint color
Glitter paint

Step 1.2
Before you get started break off the handle of your sharpie. If you want it to work right you have to break it off.

Step 2
The type of sharpie your going to need is a fat one. I attached a picture below just incase you weren’t sure about the size. Now, take your clay and kneed it, enough to were its workable enough for you. Now take your rolling pin type item and roll it. Don’t roll it to were it is paper thin but enough to where it isn’t a huge hunk of clay.

Step 3
Place your sharpie in the middle of your flat clay. It should be big enough to where it can wrap around the entire pen, top to bottom. Now wrap your pen in the clay, cutting off any extra. It clay has to be tight around the sharpie. Mold it to where it looks like a sharpie, just a clay encased one.

Step 4
Now that you have your pen covered in clay this is where the handle comes in. Roll enough clay to where you can covered the pen handle.
Once that is done roll a semi-thin piece of clay and wrap it around where you think the sharpie cap would have ended. It shouldn’t be too thick but enough to where its very noticeable.
Now you can bake it. Before baking the pen make sure to press the handle gently against the pen where it was attached originally

Step 5
You should now have a baked sharpie lol. So now you take your sandpaper and smooth it a bit. Just make sure there isn’t craters in the side of it or it is going to look weird . Just smooth it enough to where it makes you happy.

Step 6
Now its time to paint! I used a very metallic paint for the top and a very matte paint for the bottom. From the pen cap lining up is where you use the metallic color, from there down is the other color (depending on the sailor scout your cosplaying). Apply a few coats and it should look pretty spiffy.

Step 7
Pretty much just apply glitter paint after the pen is completely dry. Now you are done with you pen (kind of)
I know there is a whole top part to those pens but I haven’t quite mastered them. I made mine kind of original. I made the sailor mars sign out of clay and tacky glued it to the side of the pen. If you can figure out a way to make it and attache it let me know. Once I can I will post pictures of the pens I have made.

Hopefully this works for you as well as it did for me.

09-30-2012, 04:24 PM
do you have photos yet?