View Full Version : a ride to otakon

07-28-2003, 03:30 AM
i dont knwo whow was in on the the ride to otakon with mara started the thread so pls bear with me on this one. i can get one more person in my car to get there i got room for 3 an got 2. the ojnly thing i woud expect is ya hca to be able to already ahve a room so such arranged as i cant arrange that much due to my commksionas an cosutmes fo rme an such gion on. it woud be more or less payin for gas an such awou ahve to be on the way to there (otakon) or inteh chicago arwea so you can be right here an leave with the other person goin with me. sorry about typos an such it jus leatena i am sgettin alot done in a short time. igf ya are interested jus pm or im me an cna fill ya in ^^;;;