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03-20-2009, 04:56 PM
So I saw the Picture this thread got Locked, oh well. But I do have something to say on it. It looks like a really cool event, I will probably participate, but to say that it is an original idea is a bit of a stretch. There are barely any more ideas anymore, almost everything has been done. To say it was done in parody, cool, but to try to pass it off as an original idea is bogus if you ask me. Mr. Croom had every right to say what he said. I have been in florida a long time, and have been going to cons for a while now and Jacon does have claim to the concept. They were the first(at least in the state of florida) to do an event like this. He was just protecting the creative property of the people he works with, I wish I could say the same about my boss at work. Looks like the people at Wasabi anime/ Green Mustard/ whatever they feel like calling them selves this week( it doesn't matter) are really lucky to have a guy like Mr. Croom who stands up for the work they do.

Back to topic, This event looks like it will be a success, I really want to break out my new camera and get cracking. But first I do think there is a little clearing up to do. I don't like seeing people fight on the interweb, it's pointless, but it is justified in this matter. Metrocon's people need to fess up to what they did, just apologize and it will all stop, but I guess that is too much. People seem to be Giving Mr. Croom a bad rap for this, but it seems that some one else has their head a little bit to far up their butt.:crest: Someone has to clean this mess up, I guess it is up to the new guy. Both are valid point, but it looks like Metro is just trying to say face, but they just end up playing the fool.

See you all at Metro.

03-20-2009, 09:12 PM
The thread was locked for a reason, there is no need to continue an argument from a locked thread. Admin cleaned up the mess by locking it. By making a new thread just to argue further and make disparaging remarks you are only making it worse.

The Metrocon staff responsible for Picture This did not just simply steal an event from Jacon. There is nothing to apologize for or "fess up" to. The events are only similar in that they are both photo contests, in that respect they both share the same basic concept. The rules, set up, and even who is allowed to enter, and how entries are made are all completely different.

Tom Croom has a known bias against Metrocon, which I think should have been pretty apparent from his posts. Also, Jacon's "Just Shoot Me!" contest is not a Wasabi/Green Mustard event.

I am reporting this thread, if somebody wants to make a thread to discuss the Picture This contest then they can do so. We do not need another thread filled with arguing. In all honesty I shouldn't have even replied to this but I felt some things in your post really needed to be addressed.